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The creation of genetically-engineered organisms in makeshift gene laboratories
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The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference is engineered to get bigger and better," said Asprey.
The nation's foremost live event celebrating groundbreaking work in the optimization of human mental and physical performance, the three day conference experience will include interactive biohacking technology including the latest in neurofeedback, exercise hacking, full body imaging, toxic mold and neurotoxin prevention, biofeedback, supplements, oxygen, nootropics, cold thermogenesis, and much more.
And what looks like, the popularity of biohacking is growing day by day-In Cambridge, Massachusetts, an organisation named DIYbio is planning to set up a community lab where people can use specialist equipment such as a freezer capable of storing bacteria at minus 62C.
As an investor, no area is more fascinating, nor shows more promise, than the biohacking movement.
Years of experience as an athlete, studying the effects of supplements through research, self-testing and biohacking helped Courtney create the proprietary formulas for GoMo Detox Tea line.
The report provides analysis of the five dominant food tribes -- gluten-free, paleo, vegan/vegetarian, raw and biohacking.
She describes GynePunks as "a feminist tool developed inside [the] biohacking scene.