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The creation of genetically-engineered organisms in makeshift gene laboratories
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Emerging technologies in do-it-yourself biohacking are moving rapidly through the Hype Cycle.
The FBI has befriended many white-hat biohacking labs, among them Genspace in New York City.
With the help of artists and body-augmentation proponents Moon Ribas and Neil Harbisson--Ribas uses an elbow sensor that registers earthquakes for avant-garde dance performances; the colorblind Harbisson as an antenna implanted in his skull that transposes the visual stimuli of color into sound--Liviu Babitz and Scott Cohen launched the biohacking company Cyborg Nest in 2016.
Health and wellness continue to be an evolving trend this 2018 with more interesting concepts like biohacking taking their time in the spotlight.
Eli Abella will explain 'Biohacking'-a method of manipulating the internal and external environments to achieve optimum mental and physical health.
For example, Trend Micro expects to see cases of biohacking in 2018, exploiting the vulnerability of connected health care tools like wearables and medical devices.
The Weaponizing of Biology: Bioterrorism, Biocrime and Biohacking
Demand for this biohacking service continues to grow.
In any discussion of biohacking, Exhibit A is likely to be the "glowing plant," the wildly successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign that raised $484,013 to create bioluminescent plants visible at night.
Further, Graafstra is convinced bio implants and biohacking are the unavoidable way of the very near future.