An amateur who tinkers with DNA and other aspects of genetics
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Anna has a taste of a drinkable meal and Greg meets with a Finnish biohacker to enjoy a kick-ass cup of coffee.
Biohacker Dr Brian Deggar will lead the dissection of an octopus sourced by fishmonger Robert Latimer of Whitburn and Farida Koheeallee, who comes from Mauritius and runs a tropical spice stall in Leeds Market.
ALS is a terminal disease with very few therapeutic options, so colleagues and I are working on tackling solutions from the outside in," said Ryan Bethencourt, geneticist, biohacker and a founder of Halpin Neurosciences.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Biohacker, bestselling author, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey announced today that the third annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference will be held October 23 - 25, 2015 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.
Preeminent biohacker and conference founder, Bulletproof CEO Dave Asprey, will also speak each day.
In a bizarre twist to electronic tattoos that some technology firms are experimenting with to do away with passwords, Tim Cannon, a German biohacker went ahead and implanted a chip on his forearm, making him a DIY cyborg.
About Bulletproof Founded by biohacker, bestselling author and Bulletproof Coffee creator Dave Asprey, Bulletproof is dedicated to providing the world with groundbreaking, science-based information, techniques, tools and products to help people perform better, increase focus, enhance energy, and live longer.
About Dave Asprey Biohacker Dave Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof and creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee.
People can really work on projects for the good of humanity while learning about something they want to learn about in the process," Times Online quoted Meredith Patterson, 31, a computer programmer by day turned biohacker by night.
Produced by prominent biohacker, bestselling author, and Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey, and directed by Kee Kee Buckley and Eric Troyer, the film uncovers the frightening truth about this growing health crisis far more dangerous than asbestos and lead paint, and exposes risks, explains the effects, and shares solutions for keeping our families strong.
In my coffee example, I gather best practices through a network of other biohackers.
Bionyfiken is a chartered non-profit association for Sweden based biohackers, DIY-biologists, bodyhackers, grinders and quantified self-enthusiasts.