An amateur who tinkers with DNA and other aspects of genetics
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They even have their own biohacker, who has DNA sequenced their culture (sourdough starter), to make enhancing bakes easier.
Of note is a growing worldwide community of "black hat" do-it-yourself biohacker scientists, who may be supported by state-endorsed venture capital with explicit intent toward disrupting public safety, stability and health; and who may operate without regard for regulations defined by current signatory treaties and conventions.
Yet the same technology used by a benign biohacker could easily be transformed into a tool for the disgruntled and disenfranchised (12) to modify existing or emerging biological warfare agents and employ them as bioterrorism.
Cannon, who considers himself a biohacker, thought this would be a good idea.
Biohacker Dr Brian Deggar will lead the dissection of an octopus sourced by fishmonger Robert Latimer of Whitburn and Farida Koheeallee, who comes from Mauritius and runs a tropical spice stall in Leeds Market.
A Sydney biohacker apparently found a solution to the age-old problem when he had a transportation chip implanted into his hand, giving him access to transit with just the wave of his wrist.
People can really work on projects for the good of humanity while learning about something they want to learn about in the process," Times Online quoted Meredith Patterson, 31, a computer programmer by day turned biohacker by night.
In a bizarre twist to electronic tattoos that some technology firms are experimenting with to do away with passwords, Tim Cannon, a German biohacker went ahead and implanted a chip on his forearm, making him a DIY cyborg.
Individual biohackers also could play important role by self experimentation, like Elizabeth Parrish: they could take higher risk experiments on themselves without legal restriction and costs [68].
Garage biology, DIY biology, and biohackers are terms associated with a real community of amateur biologists who set up functioning microbiology laboratories in their homes.
Why we biohackers think this is interesting because it's a very useful platform.