To tinker with DNA and other aspects of genetics as an amateur
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Annie explained the Tesla biohack began when she dissolved the Tesla valet key card in acetone.
One way to biohack is using light, she says, because it is the easiest way as our bodies already rely on circadian rhythm as we have evolved through the ages because of light.
It was while working in Silicon Valley in California that the dotcom entrepreneur decided to "biohack his body" and discover how different foods affected it.; How to biohack the ultimate healthy home: part 3, with Bulletproof Exec Dave Asprey.
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"Wits Guts Grit: All-Natural Biohacks for Raising Smart, Resilient Kids" is inspired by the many questions acclaimed science writer and mother Jena Pincott explored about the natural forces that shape children's minds and health.
It imagines bodies: black, brown, yellow, white, queer, transgender, two-spirited, heterosexual, cis-gendered, able, differently-abled, fat, thin, leaking, surgeried, stumped, twinned, intersexed, hunched, addicted, transformed, modified, tattooed, muscled, overflowing, dripping milk, pregnant, one-breasted, hirsute, shaking, opened, biohacked, distended, catheterised, wounded, grounded, still, near death.