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Naturally occurring flavone or coumarin derivatives commonly found in citrus fruits having the activity of the so-called vitamin P, notably rutin and esculin.


Naturally occurring flavone or coumarin derivatives commonly found in citrus fruits.

bioflavonoids (bī´ōflav´ənoidz´), naturally occurring flavone or coumarin derivatives having the activity of so-called vitamin P. Their use in controlling gingival bleeding remains controversial.
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Bioflavonoids, such as quercetin and rutin, are antioxidants found in many plants including grapes and grape skins, which are particularly protective against AMD.
Because bodybuilders often suffer bruises, the use of vitamin C and Bioflavonoids can be helpful.
Ingredients All this magic is possible due to the proprietary NANOCOMPLEXES (TM) containing bioactive substances such as: bioflavonoids and anti-free radical scavengers; multiple antioxidants with free-radical scavengers; oil and water soluble vitamins with their specific coenzymes and much more.
Today the company produces, among other ingredients, top-quality bioflavonoids such as isoquercetin, quercetin and rutin.
Vitamins: Vitamin C and its bioflavonoids all help preserve the elasticity in your veins and capillaries and improve circulation.
Taking 200 mg vitamin C plus bioflavonoids three or five times daily within 48 hours of initial symptoms has also been shown to prevent blisters developing.
Katy's vitamin and mineral levels were mostly good, but she lacked calcium, necessary for strong teeth and bones, and bioflavonoids, plant compounds that are important for fighting inflammation and maintaining healthy blood vessels.
The key ingredient is quercetin, one of a group of compounds called bioflavonoids, which act against both cancer and heart disease.
It features skin soothing chamomile flowers with anti-inflammatory azulene, orange peel with bioflavonoids to strengthen veins and cell walls, hibiscus flowers for vitamin C, hormone-balancing chaste berry (so hormonal surges don't cause skin to break out) and cleansing burdock root.
Eat the pith and skin between the segments, as it's packed full of bioflavonoids, which protect against cancer.
Other virtues: The pulp and pith contain bioflavonoids which some experts think neutralise cancer-causing substances.