metabolic pathway

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metabolic pathway

a series of consecutive biochemical reactions or steps through which digested food is transformed into basic nutrients such as amino acids, free fatty acids, and simple carbohydrates.

met·a·bol·ic path·way

(met'ă-bol'ik path'wā)
Intercellular chemical reactions; catalyzed by enzymes; include the principal chemical reactions, mostly enzyme-dependent, that an organism needs to maintain homeostasis and to break down or build up molecules.

metabolic pathway

the sequence of enzyme reactions followed in the formation of one substance from another.

Metabolic pathway

A sequence of chemical reactions that lead from some precursor to a product, where the product of each step in the series is the starting material for the next step.
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We wanted to know if we could play with these biochemical pathways to recapitulate changes that are seen in the fossil record, Klein said.
Once the basics of finding the parts, drawing, coloring and connecting are mastered (Figure 1), and a biochemical pathway chart produced, a few simple simulations can be performed and graphics produced (Figure 2).
An entire class built molecules to construct a complete biochemical pathway.
the eye, a biochemical pathway, or life as a whole, are some ridiculously high number.
A rigorously controlled in vitro environment is an ideal system for the in-depth analysis of the anthocyanin biochemical pathway.
And in animal and cell culture studies, garlic compounds stimulate the biochemical pathway involving glutathione, which detoxifies foreign materials.
They suspect the same biochemical pathway operates during the early development of higher animals, including humans.
Taken together, these results indicate that B112/CtIP participates in a common biochemical pathway as BRCA1 and that the interaction of these two proteins may be required for the tumor suppressor function of BRCA1.
The same biochemical pathway the molecule acts on might one day be targeted in humans to improve memory, according to the senior author of the study, Peter Walter, PhD, UCSF professor of biochemistry and biophysics and a Howard Hughes Investigator.
The active ingredient in olive oil is oleocanthal, which affects the same biochemical pathway as ibuprofen and other medicines classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
Note that one-carbon metabolism refers to the folate-dependent biochemical pathway responsible for methylation of DNA, arsenic, and hundreds of other substrates.
However, if researchers can identify the biochemical pathway that controls Par-4, or molecules that can modulate Par-4 activity directly, they may be able to increase the efficacy of neoadjuvant therapy of primary tumors as well as treat recurrent breast cancers more effectively, Alvarez said.

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