metabolic pathway

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met·a·bol·ic path·way

(met'ă-bol'ik path'wā)
Intercellular chemical reactions; catalyzed by enzymes; include the principal chemical reactions, mostly enzyme-dependent, that an organism needs to maintain homeostasis and to break down or build up molecules.
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metabolic pathway

the sequence of enzyme reactions followed in the formation of one substance from another.
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Metabolic pathway

A sequence of chemical reactions that lead from some precursor to a product, where the product of each step in the series is the starting material for the next step.
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Because CoQ10 is manufactured by the same biochemical pathway that generates cholesterol, statins inhibit its production, contributing to muscle weakness.
This is only the second gene to be identified that affects the risk of familial testicular cancer, and the first gene in a key biochemical pathway. The study appeared online June 23, 2009, in Cancer Research.
The scientists have an understanding of the biochemical pathway for its production and have been exploring its genetic control in broccoli and non-brassica crops.
An important biochemical pathway was discovered in animals that maintains energy balance in the body.
Such stimuli trigger the production of a key enzyme in the biochemical pathway responsible for production of the group of red pigments called anthocyanins.
An entire class built molecules to construct a complete biochemical pathway. At least once a week students turned in a model for grading by enclosing it in a clear, labeled one-gallon zip-lock bag.
To support their claims they often use probability calculations that invariably lead to the conclusion that the odds against emergence of, e.g., the eye, a biochemical pathway, or life as a whole, are some ridiculously high number.
And in animal and cell culture studies, garlic compounds stimulate the biochemical pathway involving glutathione, which detoxifies foreign materials.
LONDON, U.K., December 18, 2013--Researchers here have found that growing adult stem cells on micro-grooved surfaces disrupts the biochemical pathway that determines the length of the primary cilia and ultimately controls the subsequent behavior of the stem cells.
"Our study shows NSAIDs target stem cells that have accumulated mutations that could lead to cancer development, and initiate a biochemical pathway that makes those cells undergo programmed cell death, a process called apoptosis," Zhang said.
Both drugs interfere with a biochemical pathway involving angiotensin, an organic chemical that constricts blood vessels.
A newly defined biochemical pathway in plants may provide the scientific tools to design vegetation that will yield larger quantities of alternative transportation fuels than currently can be produced, according to researchers at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

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