Artificial Pancreas

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An insulin delivery device designed to control glucose levels and optimally deliver insulin to a patient whose islet cells don’t secrete enough insulin
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PharmaCyte plans to encapsulate Melligen cells using the Cell-in-a-Box technology to protect the Melligen cells from immune system attack in the body and thus function as a "bioartificial pancreas" for purposes of insulin production.
Defymed has developed MailPan, a bioartificial pancreas device designed, using suitable cells such as Kadimastem's cells, to treat diabetes in patients without the use of immunosuppressants.
Two oxygen-producing compounds, including one that boosts performance in some laundry detergents, might one day play a key role in helping scientists successfully build a bioartificial pancreas in the lab to cure type 1 diabetes.
"The strategies and methods of this work could be relevant to the development of other bio-artificial organs, such as a bio-artificial liver or bioartificial pancreas, and organs on chips - such as a kidney on chip, a lung on chip, or a liver on chip."
Extracellular matrix scaffold technology for bioartificial pancreas engineering: state of the art and future challenges.
In a bioartificial pancreas, islets cannot be vascularized as this will disrupt the immune-isolation characteristics necessary for their function.
The authors' aim in this work is to correct diabetes by the use of a bioartificial pancreas (BAP).
In this study, we have combined the two separate, but proven, SPEC and JM2 technologies in a novel configuration to create a prevascularized bioartificial pancreas in order to address a critical need in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis and type 1 diabetes.