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6- In a final step, the results of the world food system simulations are 'downscaled' to the spatial grid of the resource database for quantification of land cover changes and a further analysis environmental implications of production of bio-fuels feedstocks.
And it is a challenge the North East has certainly not shied away from, with local businesses helping the region to maintain its industrial roots by harnessing the potential of bio-fuels and other alternatives.
Our long term corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision combines economic benefit with conservation and sustainability," said Gulf Air chief strategy officer Tero Taskila, who is heading the bio-fuel initiative.
When they're voting on new laws for clean cars later this month, and on bio-fuels in October, they have two golden opportunities to do the right thing for the planet - and save us all money in the process.
Earlier some two weeks ago, a secret study of the World Bank disclosed by the Londons Guardian newspaper said that bio-fuel production at top of the cultivators US and EU was the prime reason of explosion in food and grain prices worldwide in the past one year.
Sugar cane is a good source of bio-fuel and the production process is, they say, carbon neutral.
In a world first, the airline will test a bio-fuel made from the jatropha plant, an Indian-grown bush, which has been coined a wonder plant because of the high oil content of its seeds.
a privately held biotechnology company, today announced plans to collaborate on developing enhanced methods of converting biomass to bio-fuels.
The state is planning to expand the project so that the bio-fuel powers some 20,000 vehicles running on the island, which has a population of about 50,000, said Haruhiko Ando, head of the Natural Resources and Energy Agency's New and Renewable Energy Division.
He went on to say that the recent announcement to keep Ontario's coal-power plants open represents a great opportunity to use peat bio-fuel in combination with coal to lower mercury pollution.
So-called "bio-fuel" cars are also a big hit with Brazilian consumers; nine out of 10 new vehicles sold in 2007 are expected to be bio-fuel.
And hard on the heels of their announcement of a billion pound investment in clean technologies, Ford executives were dropping the biggest hints at the show where they unveiled new bio-fuel versions of the Focus.

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