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William Holmes, Jr., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Crosby capsule.
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Last year an injunction was obtained against Boden at Liverpool County Court banning him from playing any music in his home, including his favourite Bing Crosby records.
I could listen to him for hours," says Stephanie Edwards Plowman, curator of the Bing Crosby Collection at Gonzaga University in Spokane.
The new documentary American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered , premiering nationwide Tuesday, December 2 at 8 p.
Don't miss Saturday's Western Mail Magazine for a behind-the-scenes feature on the recording of Bryn Terfel's new album YOUR VOTE PAGE 18 CLICK ON To see the video of White Christmas by Bryn Terfel and Bing Crosby WalesOnline.
A BING Crosby (1903-1977) remains one of the world's greatest recording artists.
Bing crosby once told Al Jolson that if he wanted to suceeed on TV, he should stand behind him while Bing mimed.
A BING Crosby fan who made his neighbour's life hell by playing the crooner's music at full blast night and day has been evicted.
A man is being evicted from his home by the local council after making his neighbours' lives a misery by playing Bing Crosby records too loudly.
Also selected, however, were entertainers Bing Crosby ("forever remembered as Father Chuck O'Malley in Going My Way"), Pat O'Brien ("famous Irish-Catholic actor"), and Danny Thomas.
Based on Philip Barry's play The Philadelphia Story, which became a 1940 MGM movie with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart, and then a 1956 MGM musical with songs by Cole Porter and starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Grace Kelly, High Society concerns the romantic entanglements of socialite Tracy Lord (the versatile Melissa Errico).
A new feature-length PBS documentary on the life and career of Bing Crosby with new interviews, never-before-seen footage and photos by Emmy-winning director Robert Trachtenberg