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Alfred, French psychologist, 1857-1911. See: Binet age, Binet scale, Binet test, Binet-Simon scale, Stanford-Binet intelligence scale.
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EXAMPLE 2.2 (The first 100 recurrence coefficients to 32 digits of the generalized Binet weight function for [alpha] = 1/2).
The most interesting feature of the novel is Binet's lampooning of the French intellectual institution.
Binet JL, Auquier A, Dighiero G, Chastang C, Piguet H, Goasguen J, et al.
Binet comments on the "fictionality and/or constructedness of his narrative" (Neumann and Nunning 204), in this instance, on the relations between the story he is telling and the historical record: "If my dialogues can't be based on precise, faithful, word-perfect sources, they will be invented" (21); "That scene, like the one before it, is perfectly believable and totally made up.
Note: In English, "Himmler's brain is called Heydrich"-the Nazi-era phrase behind Binet's unusual title.
Table 1: Mean values for age, complete blood counts for the patients acco- rding to Binet stage.
Binet understands the means-end rationality implied by work in progress.
No one has asked himself that question more often than Laurent Binet, who sets out to tell it again in the newly translated novel HHhH.
In the development of which sort of testing was the French psychologist Alfred Binet a pioneer?
Farooqui, was chosen by a jury of 10, which included Vaudeville and Blandine Binet from the communications team at W Doha.