association constant

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as·so·ci·a·tion con·stant

1. in experimental immunology, a mathematical expression of hapten-antibody interaction: average association constant, K = [hapten-bound antibody]/[free antibody][free hapten];
2. the equilibrium constant involved in the association of two or more compounds or ions into a new compound; the reciprocal of the dissociation constant.
Synonym(s): binding constant
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Where Kb is binding constant, A and Ao are the absorbance of complex-DNA adduct and pure complex solution, respectively.
q]), number of binding sites (n), binding constant ([K.
In the case of sulfate, a 1:1 complex was formed which had a binding constant greater than [10.
The binding constant for the reaction of the surface with divalent ions is [K.
0] - F)/F versus log[Q], where Q is the polyphenol concentration, was used to determine the binding constant ([K.
Using fluorescence spectroscopy, one mole of TQ was found to bind one mole of HSA with a binding constant of 2.
The values for the binding constant (K) and free energy change (DG) were calculated and most of the Schiff bases have high positive K values which indicate the efficient binding of Schiff bases with DNA.