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Etymology: L, praecedere, to go before
a previously adjudged decision that serves as an authority in a similar case.


Cardiology A trial–Prospective Randomized Ectopy Evaluation on Dobutamine on Natrecor®–nesiritide Therapy


(pre′sĕ-dĕnt) [L. praecedere, to go before, precede]
In law, an action, ruling, or verdict that may be used as an example to be followed in the future.

Patient discussion about precedent

Q. How to deal with stress before exams? I am a college student and get very stressed out before tests. Are there good methods to relieve stress?

A. Have you tried aromatherapy? the scents of the essential oils can activate the limbic system of your brain, helping to relieve stress and increase alertness before your exams.

This articles recommends a good custom blend of essential oils when using Aromatherapy for Stress:

Q. For those that had an epimacular membrane removed, how long was it before your eye healed? How was your vision afterwards? Do you now require or benefit from glasses?

A. Epimacular membrane removal can be associated with a variety of ocular conditions and therefore the healing process varies tremendously depending on the underlying pathology. Furthermore, this condition may recur.

Q. what genetic exams should i do during and before pregnancy to secure the unborn child?

A. there is a wide variety of pre-gestational genetic testsing that can be done, for several inherited diseases, depending on your origin. You have to consult your gynecologist in order to know exactly what can be tested nowadays and whether or not there is a need.

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b) where there is no binding authority any authority decided by an Australian appellate court; and
Binding Authority Lines: Personal & Commercial Property, Liability & Umbrella; Commercial Auto & Garage.
Surprisingly for a Gentile Christian, he sometimes grants the Bible binding authority for specific behavior.
The budget resolution has no binding authority over specific program funding levels, but the higher the total funding levels in the budget resolution, the higher the likelihood of increases for programs like Perkins.
Whilst the court's decision has no binding authority in the UK, because Australia shares English common law tradition the judgment is highly persuasive here and elsewhere in the Commonwealth.
Therefore, published district court decisions constitute binding authority upon bankruptcy courts if bankruptcy courts are lower courts than district courts.
Delayed renewals, reduced binding authority, class underwriting, limits offered below regulatory requirements and other risk transfer tricks are not new phenomena.
It is not binding authority on states, but it is nonetheless persuasive evidence of the current law.
58) This issue indeed was presented; the validity of the no-citation rule, as applied to a citation carrying no claim of binding authority, was the question raised by the facts of Hart.
However, he fails to note that where duly constituted diocesan architectural committees have embraced its principles and wording, EACW has assumed the binding authority to wreak havoc on old churches and new.
And the other positive step that would be taken is that, whereas now the commission can only make recommendations to the federal government once it reviews a claim that has been rejected -- and that could take two or three years as well, and at the end of the day we recommend whether or not the government should now accept the claim -- the change under our annual report is that we would have binding authority to make those decisions, so they would no longer just be recommendations.
You have some courts making decisions and others that haven't addressed it yet, then [the latter] look to other courts because they have no binding authority in their own courts to guide them," says Richard Olivieri, a NY-based attorney.