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Further, "the specific gravity method can only be applied with great accuracy to binary alloys (mixture of two metals), preferably metals with widely differing individual specific gravities," and "it is reliable only for objects of high gold content.
Alloys could virtually match the expansion characteristics of nonmetallics, but few ever thought these binary alloys were destined to become tooling for composites.
Particular emphasis is placed throughout on the use of electromagnetic fields to control the heat, mass and fluid flows in melts and on phase change phenomena during the solidification of pure materials and binary alloys.
1-10) Although the literature concerning ternary alloys is very limited in comparison with that of binary alloys, it has been found that Zn-Ni-Fe alloys are valuable for their leveling action.
For pure Al and binary alloys, the ECAE processing is frequently carried out at room temperature whereas for industrial alloys, an increase of the extrusion temperature is generally required.
This behavior suggests that only a certain fraction of the phenolic novolac contributed to the exothermic network formation reaction in the binary alloys.