Binary Data

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Data in an ‘either-or’ format, i.e., in two mutually exclusive categories
Examples Alive/dead; sick/well; pregnant/not; high/sober; benign/malignant
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The phenogram of the taxonomic distance between 32 OTUs based on 296 morphological characters of the shell tested with binary data type is still the same as the taxonomic similarity phenogram (Figure 8B).
All 17 studies analyzed at the last stage of the systematic literature review (Plase 2016) are not containing direct focus on comparing two binary data storage formats--Parquet and Avro because of both design specifics.
Therefore, instead of using the FREAK simple transformation method, we create a binary data space to transform the high-dimensional FREAK descriptor from a decimal feature vector to binary.
In this step binary data is converted to a DNA string.
Sender follows several steps to conceal binary data in the DNA sequence.
In the new demonstration, NIST researchers repeatedly performed a combined sequence of five quantum logic operations and ten transport operations while reliably maintaining the 0s and 1s of the binary data stored in the ions, which serve as quantum bits (qubits) for a hypothetical quantum computer, and retaining the ability to subsequently manipulate this information.
To reduce the effect of these burst errors, binary data interleaving of the images prior to modulation is required [9-11].
Also, different applications may interpret binary data in different ways.
281 defines the binary data that is transmitted between terminal A and B to control the camera, while H.
The first chapter shows how to open and close ports and communicate strings, bytes and binary data.
The compressed binary data is treated as Linux and Windows libraries as well as an Apache module, and the decoded data is treated as BREW and Windows libraries.