Binary Data

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Data in an ‘either-or’ format, i.e., in two mutually exclusive categories
Examples Alive/dead; sick/well; pregnant/not; high/sober; benign/malignant
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Zhao, "Bayesian inference of a binomial proportion using one-sample misclassified binary data," Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, vol.
However, there is still a morphological phenetic distance in some OTU pairs; this is different from the binary data type.
The data pre-processing step converts the binary data to DNA plaintext.
In our method, X is going to be estimated from N binary data using a MMSE estimator in the FC; that is, [??] = E[X | [y.sub.1], ..., [y.sub.N]}.
In this paper, we particularly consider the similarity coefficients for binary data, but with the correct size of each summation variable in Section 2.1, the agent is able to compute dissimilarity coefficients of two datasets (i.e., X and Y).
Figure 4: Six major complementary rules for each DNA sequence AT TC CG GA AT TG GC CA AC CT TG GA AC CG GT TA AG GT TC CA AG GC CT TA Moreover, our DNA coding technology rules to convert binary data to DNA string in this paper is based on table following rules.
ANNs' entry and exit variables were the same as those used in the network training for modeling the binary data. However, data were fed as ternary data, or rather, the normal fraction of the metal absent in the binary system was presumed to be equal to zero.
As using tetrachoric correlations option is often recommended for analyzing the dimensionality of binary data (Lord & Novick, 1968), it is certainly hard to believe that commercial programs like SPSS do not offer this option as, in practice, EFA may produce substantially different results (e.g., Kubinger, 2003).
These utilities can be used to translate or unpack binary data to ASCII.
First of all, the binary data gods are evidently not at all impressed with the fact that we are an information technology trade magazine.
* Replication support for just about everything in the MySQL binlog: large transactions, unsigned characters, session variables, various permutations of character sets and binary data, and ability to download binlog files through the MySQL client protocol.
After gel electrophoresis of the PCR products the presence or absence of each single fragment was coded by 1 or 0, respectively, and scored for a binary data matrix.