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We describe a Billroth I gastrectomy and Billroth I anastomosis in which we introduced a CDH stapler (Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) through the part of the stomach to be resected.
The three groups were performed continuous jejunal interposition, Billroth II-type anastomosis and isolated jejunum interposition digestive tract reconstruction after distal gastrectomy separately.
En nuestra paciente se realizo una gastrectomia subtotal con reconstruccion tipo Billroth I, por la ubicacion del tumor, con evolucion postoperatoria satisfactoria, a pesar de una fistula de bajo debito que cerro espontaneamente a los tres dias.
6 (20-52) Clinical T stage 1b/c 16 (80) 2 4 (20) 3a -- Previous surgery Billroth II 1 Laparotomy 1 Cystolithotomy 1 Inguinal herniorrhaphy 1 Appendectomy 1 Group 2 (n = 20) p Age (years) 62.
At times in which there were wrong beliefs regarding human health -inherited straight from Galen- events as the introduction to histopathology by Johannes Muller (1801-1858) and Alfred Donne (1801-1878) and to general anesthesia by John Collins Warren (1778-1856), Horace Wells (1815-1848) and William Thomas Green Morton (1819-1868), as well as the advances in antiseptics and new techniques in head and neck surgery, developed by great surgeons as Kocher, Billroth, von Langenbeck and von Volkmann, did not just mark a breakpoint with traditional medicine, but they constituted a huge step towards a new era in which the already mentioned, Kocher, found an appropriate scenario for the development of his glowing career (5).
The name Streptococcus was given to this group of bacteria in 1874 by Theodor Billroth, a Viennese surgeon, because of the bacterium's spherical chain morphology (streptos is Greek for twisted chain and kokkos is Greek for kernel or berry).
The 16 illustrated chapters trace milestones in GI surgery and showcase its pioneers from Theodor Billroth, considered the father of such surgery, to those who brought us laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery and continent ileostomy.
Predisposing conditions include atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, gastric polyps, partial gastrectomy (such as Billroth II), and Menetrier's disease.
El tratamiento definitivo es basicamente quirurgico y para esto existen varias tecnicas que van desde las simples como la piloromiotomia y la piloroplastia, hasta las mas radicales que incluyen la gastroduodenostomia, la pilorectomia, Billroth I, Billroth II y la operacion en Y de Roux, en las cuales se forma un puente entre el estomago y el yeyuno.
He retells well the notorious affair surrounding the Viennese physician Theodor Billroth, who though later fighting anti-semitism, published a book arguing that Jews were not racially fit to be doctors.
The types of surgery were Billroth I and II gastrectomies and combination vagotomy and pyloroplasty.