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J.J., 20th-century Australian gynecologist. See: Billings method.
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Billings was a line foreman at Millbrook Distributors in Leicester for 10 years, before retiring in 1993.
Following a six point jump in November, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) increased even more in December and finished 2006 with its highest score.
Jessica Billings was 5 years old when, she recalled, a woman approached her family at a restaurant and complained, "My husband and I paid good
Billings was AWOL from the Army, in violation of his probation, and driving a BMWX5 sport utility vehicle he'd stolen less than a day earlier.
Customer care and billings solutions provider, Convergys (NYSE: CVG), has announced that BT Global Services - part of the UK-based telecomms group BT - will use its Infinys software to consolidate its multinational billing operations.
The first step in estimating the sustainable growth rate by this method is to calculate the surgical practice's net profit after taxes as a percent of its billings. For example, if the billings are $20 million and the net profit $400,000, then net profit after taxes as a percent of billings is 0.02 or 2 percent.
As a Billings Ovulation Method instructor, I am well aware of how deeply the contraceptive mentality has taken hold.
* Supports backcharges, special billings, intercompany billings, and consolidated multi-company billings.
Roger Billings, who formed Billings Energy Corporation in 1973 "as the vehicle for in hydrogen energy technology" and sold the company in 1984 "when...he realized the world was not yet ready for hydrogen energy," recently announced the reformation of his business.
The coinsurance, of course, applies to Medicare billings throughout the year.

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