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The voluntary interruption of a routine activity, usually understood to mean work
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The trumpeter beat Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, all of whom were featured in the top 10 voted for by listeners of BBC Radio and Jazz FM.
Desde finales de los anos noventa, si uno le preguntaba a Carlos Monsivais que musica o que cantantes estaba escuchando, solia responder que ya solo le interesaba escuchar a Billie Holiday.
e same Billie Holiday whose life was portrayed by Diana Ross, another legend, in the "lm Lady Sings the Blues.
She gave birth to her third child, Arabella, in November, and was eight months pregnant when she recorded an album of classic tracks by one of her musical heroes, Billie Holiday in Los Angeles.
Single mum-of-three Rebecca Ferguson hasn't found her Prince Charming yet - and reckons it's because her love life is as "terrible" as that of tragic jazz singer Billie Holiday.
DEAR Editor, How wonderful to experience a one night only show about Billie Holiday at the Alexander Theatre on May 8.
Then Nina becomes Billie Holiday, the jazz singer who died more than half a century ago but whose legacy endures.
It's a tough thing to pull off when you design an entire show around the oeuvre of a singer as iconic as Billie Holiday, but Siri Vik has given the matter a lot of thought.
Though Billie Holiday: The Life and Artistry of Lady Day is a good introduction, a much better choice for a comprehensive collection is Lady Day-The Many Faces of Billie Holiday (Kultur, D1292; 2003, 1991).
JAZZ: THE Philharmonic Hall is being turned into a jazz club for a one-woman show based on the life of Billie Holiday.
This unflinching characterization of Billie Holiday showcased Corbin, who danced the flirtations and decrepitude (including a regrettably literal drug stupor) with equal commitment.