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Diana Ross had an advantage over Renee Zellweger: when Lady Sings the Blues was released, there were very few footages of the great jazz singer, Billie Holiday. And given that vinyl was the recording technology, the Billie Holiday sound was practically unheard of except by the enthusiasts and critics.
"Billie Holiday -- The Centennial Collection'' (Columbia/Legacy) offers an excellent introduction to 20 of Holiday's finest recordings from 1935 to '44.
Continue reading "On the 100th Anniversary of Her Birth, Listen to Billie Holiday's Rendition of 'My Yiddishe Mamme'" at...
at's THE Billie Holiday, a legend in the truest sense of the word.
She gave birth to her third child, Arabella, in November, and was eight months pregnant when she recorded an album of classic tracks by one of her musical heroes, Billie Holiday in Los Angeles.
Single mum-of-three Rebecca Ferguson hasn't found her Prince Charming yet - and reckons it's because her love life is as "terrible" as that of tragic jazz singer Billie Holiday.
DEAR Editor, How wonderful to experience a one night only show about Billie Holiday at the Alexander Theatre on May 8.
It's a tough thing to pull off when you design an entire show around the oeuvre of a singer as iconic as Billie Holiday, but Siri Vik has given the matter a lot of thought.
"Her roots were planted in things like Billie Holiday, to Sam Cooke, to the first ska wave, and bringing it into the modern era.
She began singing as a teenage busker, honing her vocal and guitar skills on city streets, where she moulded her style on the cornerstones of jazz, being greatly influenced by the unique sounds of icons such as Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong.
Perhaps the fact that it contains some of her most memorable filmed performances is thanks enough for Billie Holiday: The Life and Artistry of Lady Day.