Bill Stuffer

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A generic term for health-related information and other literature sent to a client along with a bill for services
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repurposed the bill stuffer into a newspaper advertisement for local distribution.
Each service technician, customer service representative and staff member, as well as our monthly local service statement, monthly newsletter, bill stuffers newspaper ads, radio ads, billboard ads, etc.
an outfit that sells bill stuffers to banks across the country, so it's likely that thousands of people will take that warning to include Countryside.
If we try radio campaigns or bill stuffers or flyers in equipment rental places and we notice that in a certain area there are more calls for locates, then we know that type of advertising is working," he says.
Hard cost take-out, such as eliminating printing, envelopes, postage and bill stuffers, offers a perfect opportunity for utilities and other industries to dramatically reduce operating expenses at this critical time in our economy, while actually enhancing the customer experience.
Business meeting: Matters related to County Road 804 right of way; water bill stuffers.
The campaign provides ready-to-use advertisements, radio and television announcements, bill stuffers, school curriculum and other materials to water agencies, associations, irrigation districts, and other organizations.
Rather than relying solely on bill stuffers, billboards, and newspaper advertisements, ESPs are now using contests, kites, coffee, and free television shows to get their messages across.
Outdoor Channel also provides marketing materials for each partner, including everything from taggable spots and tip vignettes to bill stuffers and radio scripts.
EIM uses targeted marketing techniques, including bill stuffers and emails, to drive customer participation.
Our CCRs are sent either as bill stuffers or as direct mail pamphlets to ensure that all our customers receive specific water quality information for their water system," said Luitweiler.
Cable operators will run a variety of cross channel promotions, bill stuffers and use this for full upgrade campaigns.