Bill Stuffer

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A generic term for health-related information and other literature sent to a client along with a bill for services
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The offer was advertised through a Rogers Cable bill stuffer and had been carefully vetted through Disney and myself many times over.
The bill stuffer is designed to let solid waste companies to personalize it with a picture of one of their companies' trucks.
To help educate consumers and policy-makers about the dangers of this plan, NTCA created an online resource area that features a range of communications tools--a consumer-focused video, letters to the editor, a bill stuffer, a resolution, newsletter articles and a slide show--to support member telcos' grassroots advocacy and outreach efforts.
And you can get extra mileage out of a published article by using it as a bill stuffer or framing it and hanging it in your waiting room.
We also strive to connect with customers by offering specials that entice them to act by either mailing in a bill stuffer for a new service feature, or by placing a call to one of our customer service representatives for details.
Norbert Brandner sent us a bill stuffer he got from his South Dakota bank.
Park Region included a simple choices registration slip with each bill stuffer, and customers were asked to bring the slip to the telco's offices, along with a cash or nonperishable food item for the local Salvation Army.
Bill stuffers inform customers that they can choose 10 LED bulbs in various wattages and colors.