Bill Stuffer

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A generic term for health-related information and other literature sent to a client along with a bill for services
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For example, PHMSA's proposal requires utilities to notify customers "within 90 days of the customer first receiving gas at a particular location." That would require a utility to modify its billing system so a bill insert could be added to just certain customers' bills.
It was suggested that council members should forward any suggestions to the clerk for items to be included on the tax bill insert to improve communications with county residents.
Prescription discount cards are available in a bill insert format that can be included in water bills, utility bills or other city mailings to residents.
Logan Telephone Cooperative (Auburn, Ky.) featured the bill insert as must-read content in its recently released annual report.
The Affinium software will be used by Vodafone Ireland for telemarketing, direct mail and bill insert campaigns.
The ability to provide accountability -- in part, by bar coding each newspaper through a GMA system -- allows the Tacoma, Wash., News Tribune to bill insert advertisers only for products actually inserted, Jones said.
He added that color plays a key role in whether a customer will read a bill insert, with "hot pink and fluorescent yellow" being particularly inviting.
The commission in reviewing the Acid Crime Prevention Bill inserted many important amendments such as the absence of transgender rights and other issues which included ATC trial for acid crimes; penalty be increased to Rs2.5 million and at least life sentence has been recommended.
This bill inserts the (Arizona) legislature into the extremely personal decision about how a couple builds their family, Collura wrote.