Bilious Vomiting Syndrome

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A constellation of symptoms seen in ± 20% of those subjected to gastric surgery—e.g., resection, gastro-enterostomy with total gastric vagotomy, and gastric bypass; most inculpated in ‘dumping’ are pyloric ablation and bypass
Lab Increased glucose—worse with high carbohydrate meals—increased heamatocrit, decreased blood volume related to dehydration, decreased K+
Medical management Decreased carbohydrate intake, smaller meals, pectin—a dietary fiber— acarbose, anticholinergics, L-dopa, opiates
Surgical management 2–5% are medical failures, and require surgical conversion to a Roux-en-Y
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Carol Smith, Wallsend A: Bilious vomiting syndrome is a common occurrence in dogs.
If everything comes back as normal, it is likely to be bilious vomiting syndrome. If bilious vomiting syndrome is unresponsive to dietary management, there are drugs that enhance stomach emptying and reduce acid production, reducing the amount of stomach damage caused and also reducing the frequency of vomiting.