bile pigments

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bile pig·'ments

coloring matter in the bile derived from porphyrins by rupture of a methane bridge; for example, bilirubin, biliverdin.
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bile pig·ments

(bīl pig'mĕnts)
Coloring matter in the bile derived from porphyrins by rupture of a methane bridge (e.g., bilirubin, biliverdin).
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Percentage 1 Proteinuria 27 90 2 Cast (hyaline and granular) 19 63.33 3 Red blood cells 16 53.33 4 Bile salt and bile pigment 15 50 Table 4.
The liver is darker than the kidneys possibly because of the higher content in deoxygenated blood, bile pigment, and lipofuscin (discussed in the "Lipochromes" section) (Figure 2, D and H).
In addition, histopathological examination of excised livers showed marked bile duct proliferation, marked inflammation, noticeable apoptotic figures, and yellowish brown bile pigment indicating cholestasis.
However, it was not until I joined the Bruce Ames laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, in early 1986 that I was presented with the opportunity to work with this golden bile pigment as a postdoctoral scientist.
The bile pigments are hemoglobin metabolites; the two major ones are biliverdin and bilirubin.
"The Goose is practically zero on bile pigment!" he shouted.
A beneficial role of bile pigments as an endogenous tissue protector: anti-complement effects of biliverdin and conjugated bilirubin.
The liver excretes bile, which as well as containing salts that help emulsify fats in the small intestine, consists of waste products and bile pigments formed from the breakdown of red blood cells.
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