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A black human rights activist from South Africa who was tortured to death in prison under medical supervision, 6 days after being detained by police for questioning
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Sabi ko, Ate wala ka naman dalang biko, sapin-sapin yan eh!Yun pala nasa ilalim ng bilao, quiet lang daw.So hindi ko alam kung bawal talaga o natatakot lang sila.
SASO, under Biko's guidance, encouraged people to recognise their self-worth and dignity.
Prav Walker (Steve Biko HA Board Member), Beverley Williams (Community Regeneration Manager) and Beverley Betteridge (Office Manager) were delighted to represent the organisation and receive the awards on the night.
But Kruger is still preposterously trying to suggest that Biko killed himself.
A book by a historian of contemporary art, this volume looks at Black Consciousness, and at visual images in art and popular culture that use Steve Biko in relation to it.
The Biko affair highlighted the importance of a moral orientation in the practice of medicine and directly contributed to a reorganisation of the institutionalised medical profession in SA.
As he points out in his essay on Biko which appeared Mothobi Mutloatse's Reconstruction: 90 Years of Historical Literature (1981), Gwala worked closely with Steve Biko and other Black Consciousness intellectuals of the 1970s and 1980s.
However, the famed humanitarian returned one last time to perform biko - the protest song about Steve Biko, a black South African anti-apartheid activist.
The cheese and biscuits, so to speak, was the rallying cry Biko, which was dedicated to those the world over who are fighting injustices.
South Africa's sports ministry recently announced that Phindile Mwelase died at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital after being knocked out in a fight against Liz Butler on October 10.
Thursday BIKO'S Quest is part of Afrovibes, a national event held every two years to celebrate the music, dance and drama of South Africa.
? BIKO'S QUEST, Thursday, The Drum, Aston, Birmingham, 0121 333 2441.