Amico, Italian physician, 1862-1929. See: Marchiafava-Bignami disease.
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Para Bignami (2002) hasta principios del siglo XX las artes y los relatos de viajes fueron casi en su totalidad opiniones en el exterior acerca de Brasil.
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Line 5 of the Milan Metro links Bignami Parco Nord station to San Siro Stadio station, along a route extending for about 13 kilometres, with 19 stations and a light transport system connected with Milan's other underground lines.
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Invariably, people feel that their own identity is linked to their country's image (CEVERO, 2013) and every country creates an image in the mind of its people (ANHOLT, 2007; BIGNAMI, 2002; KOTLER and KELLER, 2012).
The translation was undertaken by Giovanni F Bignami, director of science at the Italian Space Agency, under the title Against the Donning of the Gown (Bignami, 2000).
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