The Biggest Loser

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A reality TV show in which obese individuals are challenged to lose weight
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You could win Dh500 per kilo lost, multiple annual gym memberships, and health and spa packages if you bag the title of the biggest loser in 'RAK Biggest Weight Loser Challenge.
The grand opening of QFS The Biggest Loser was attended by members of QFS headed by President Noel Panganiban Toliver and a number of local licensed Zumba instructors and coaches from Bodyzone.
Roth wants to get to the bottom of the problem by inviting six contestants, who lost a collective 630 pounds on "The Biggest Loser," to be part of his new reality TV show, "The Big Fat Truth.
The community of Ararat will continue to build on the lessons learnt from the Biggest Loser as it strives to become healthier and more active, with the town securing a $2.
8221; The UltraSlide is making its seventh season appearance as an exercise and training tool for show contestants in the Biggest Loser Gym.
LOS ANGELES -- Jillian Michaels is exiting ''The Biggest Loser,'' NBC and the producer of the weight-loss competition series said Wednesday.
Compared to the other coaches and hosts of "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles," Matteo Guidicelli still doesn't have a female workout partner.
On Sunday, the Biggest Loser RunWalk Half Marathon/5K is coming to Springfield.
If Nate Silver is the biggest winner of the 2012 American election cycle, then Sheldon Adelson is its biggest loser.
BIGGEST Loser champion Kevin McLernon has revealed plans to start a family after shedding more than 40% of his body weight.
Hotel & Tourism sector became the biggest loser of the day, showing a decrease of 0.