Big Science

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A popular term for large, long-term, multi-center, and often multinational research efforts that are goal-oriented, initiated by consensus committees, rather than an individual investigator, and costly—e.g., Human Genome Project, War on Cancer, the International Space Station, Large Hadron Collider
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All in all, the best kept secret in medicine is that the real reasons for so many tests and treatments under Big Science has been reiterated by physics professor David Deutsch, PhD.
Black Hole Blues should appeal to anyone interested in the workings of big science, whatever the field--physics, astronomy, molecular biology.
The term "Big Science" is attributed to Alvin Weinberg, the former head of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
It is indeed important for science to check its theories and their predictions as fully as possible, and in some cases this can only be done with 'big science', without which there will remain questions and doubts about the validity of some of the most fundamental theories of science.
"Beyond the sheer thrill of the story, Hiltzik's delightful book is invaluable as a basis for reckoning how Big Science can persevere and evolve....
As we now understand the importance of holding exclusive possession of strategic secret in the fight for world power, it is time to analyze the Big Science of Biology.
The author places Martian exploration in the context of "Big Science" in general and describes the ways in which it may inform other "big" projects of the future and the lessons we can learn from both its successes and failures.
As Laura Sanders reports on Page 16, the initiative may well be one of the most ambitious big science projects ever proposed, h la the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Program and the Human Genome Project.
| Julia Thomas' previous installation Big Science II formed part of the Translation exhibition at BayArt
"I think we're in an era now of very large big science coming to the brain," said Evans.
Try your hand in the Big Science Bake Off or attend an evening of "science-y stand-up" comedy.