Big O

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A regional term for opium
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The Big O was later to suffer further tragedy when his two oldest sons died in a fire.
Steele replicates well the Big O's superb vocals, a man once described by one Elvis Presley as the greatest singer in the world.
Away from the music of the Big O, we had some superb rock 'n' roll from the early years of Elvis, with songs like GI Blues, Return to Sender and Blue Suede Shoes, and the best of the great Buddy Holly.
Otis has lived in Frontera for many years and runs Big O's Nightclub, in the neighborhood known formerly as "Darktown." Delmore's son Chet tries to find out something about his grandfather Otis and walks into the Black Seminole Museum that Otis maintains.
Scenes at Big O's Nightclub also link present to past as a continuum.
"All of us who work in the Big O Tires system were deeply moved by the difficult circumstances our citizens experienced from the effects of Hurricane Katrina," Kimberlin said.
After purchasing the family store in 1976, Little went on to own or co-own several Big O Tires operations in California during the late 1970s and 1980s.
"Lake Havasu is an outlying Big O store; it's not located in a metro area," said Little.
Big O's programs are something that Little knows and utilizes well.
A megimix of choice chat moments recalling The Big O's interviews with Hollywood's hottest, including the Toms Cruise and Hanks, Kevin Costner and Denzel Washington, above.
HULA HOOPS: Sales of Hula Hoops and Big O's are expected to raise pounds 100,000.