Big O

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A regional term for opium
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He hits all the high notes and the show is right up there at the top of tribute acts, with Steele portraying the Big O to a tee.
Away from the music of the Big O, we had some superb rock 'n' roll from the early years of Elvis, with songs like GI Blues, Return to Sender and Blue Suede Shoes, and the best of the great Buddy Holly.
It's the Big O dealer's challenge to try to operate these programs as close to 100 percent as possible.
Big O Tires has allowed me the freedom to do what I do best; and that is, operate within the Big O programs and offer a service to the public," he said.
Additionally, the site will provide sales referrals and solidify the online brand and image for Big O.
The lawsuit also requests that the Court order the Directors to carry out their fiduciary duties to the Plaintiffs and the other members of the class by announcing their intention to cooperate and do all that is necessary to encourage the buy-out or takeover of Big O by enhancing Big O's attractiveness as a merger/acquisition candidate, effectively exposing Big O to the marketplace in an effort to create an active auction of Big O, act independently and resolve all conflicts of interest in the best interests of the class.