Big Harry

A regional term for heroin
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Niantic isn't the only one aiming to launch the next big Harry Potter hit--Jam City is partnering with Warner Bros.
Ruth Cull, library development officer, said: "We are thrilled to host such an interesting exhibition as we know many of our library users are big Harry Potter fans.
I've always been quite a big Harry Potter fan," said Claire McCartney, who's opening the shop.
I think the wands are fantastic I'm a big Harry Potter fan but can I remind you all he's not real.
Michael and I are big Harry Potter fans and to have our reception in the castle where they filmed it, was the icing on the cake.
The boys are big Harry Potter fans so when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park opened at Universal, they were even more desperate to go.
This was how I remember it from the book and it guided me in creating the butterbeer I wanted to have as a big Harry Potter fan.
If you're a real big Harry Potter fan, you might get certain little references a little bit more, but no, we always have full different crowds of people coming, who go from knowing everything to knowing absolutely nothing, and everybody always seems to have a great time.
But Biernacki came from a much larger credit union, San Antonio FCU, and had some BHAGs--Collins' acronym for Big Harry Audacious Goals: to double AFCU's assets in five years and triple them in 10.
A big Harry Potter fan, Young enjoys playing video games during free time, according to Miss World Official website.