Big Harry

A regional term for heroin
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My friends Holly and Jacob would also really like it as they are big Harry Potter fans.
When Harry Kane rose above Phil Jones to head in for Spurs, you could almost hear Mourhino thinking: 'There you are Woodward, I told you I needed Leicester's big Harry Maguire because he would have safely headed that ball away!' Jose looked up at the directors' seats and he had a scowl on his face.
The last couple of free-kicks, big Harry (Maguire) was offside twice because we held our line and we weren't scared to stay high and I think that's key because we know how good Harry is in the air, obviously I've played with him.
Since the 24-year-old lovebirds are big Harry Potter fans, as shown in their Instagram feeds, fans suspect that they might go for a Harry Potter-themed wedding.
Niantic isn't the only one aiming to launch the next big Harry Potter hit--Jam City is partnering with Warner Bros.
Ruth Cull, library development officer, said: "We are thrilled to host such an interesting exhibition as we know many of our library users are big Harry Potter fans."
"I've always been quite a big Harry Potter fan," said Claire McCartney, who's opening the shop.
I think the wands are fantastic I'm a big Harry Potter fan but can I remind you all he's not real.
"Michael and I are big Harry Potter fans and to have our reception in the castle where they filmed it, was the icing on the cake.
This was how I remember it from the book and it guided me in creating the butterbeer I wanted to have as a big Harry Potter fan."