Big Harry

A regional term for heroin
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The boys are big Harry Potter fans so when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park opened at Universal, they were even more desperate to go.
If you're a real big Harry Potter fan, you might get certain little references a little bit more, but no, we always have full different crowds of people coming, who go from knowing everything to knowing absolutely nothing, and everybody always seems to have a great time.
But Biernacki came from a much larger credit union, San Antonio FCU, and had some BHAGs--Collins' acronym for Big Harry Audacious Goals: to double AFCU's assets in five years and triple them in 10.
A big Harry Potter fan, Young enjoys playing video games during free time, according to Miss World Official website.
Big Harry is confident he can get the QPR players onside and working for him.
DIMINUTIVE movie star Warwick Davis plays not one but TWO roles in the big Harry Potter final.
A few of my friends who are big Harry Potter fans were really jealous.
When I was a kid I used to pass Hollywood, the one just outside Birmingham, on the 148 Midland Red bus on the way from Studley to catch the big Harry Potter steam train from Birmingham to Wolverhampton High Level where, from the age of seven, I was sent to a boarding school.
Has Big Harry been investing some of his Gold Cup and Scoop6 winnings in a vineyard?
Based on Rooney's recent confession of being a big Harry Potter fan, and with apologies to JK Rowling, here is a brief synopsis of each volume.
June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- An obscure physics book written by a retired professor is poised to emerge as a cult hit and an antidote to this summer's big Harry Potter novel -- after topping a nationwide poll to find the new book LEAST likely to become a #1 bestseller and "hot beach read.