Big Flake

A regional term for cocaine
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To achieve the paint scheme he envisioned for Blue Baller, Steele used an array of PPG products including ONECHOICE SX1071 Etch Prime, ENVIROBASE High Performance ECP15 A-Chromatic Surfacer and ECS25 A-Chromatic Sealer, DELTRON DBC DMD1687 Toner, DITZLER BIG FLAKE VM4421 and VM4402, Deltron DC2000 Clearcoat, VIBRANCE COLLECTION RADIANCE II DMX 216 and DMX 220 Toners and Dyes and Deltron 4125 CERAMICLEAR.
PPG Automotive Refinish has supplemented its Ditzler Big Flake product line with seven brilliant new flakes.
I never bought my kids an ice cream if their behaviour didn't warrant it, but a lot of these kids in English football are getting ice creams they don't deserve - with a bloody big flake on top.
because you have no fines with big flake," says Master Mark's Reum.
PPG Industries' automotive refinish business recently introduced Ditzler Big Flake pigments to its Vibrance Collection finishes line of custom colors and special effect coatings.
Mr Smalley said: "At the time, the timber price was so low that we thought we could make a nice big flake and take away the dust.
The hake crumbled into big flakes as soon as my partner put his knife into it and, while it was an Indian dish, the spices were incredibly subtle.
Sitting in one of the three huge, outdoor hot tubs at the end of the day watching the big flakes of snow fall, while drinking a beer and thinking about skiing the following day.
The smoked salmon was shredded rather than in big flakes and the pasta was cooked just so, a little bit of bite and not too soft.
These are very fine particles, not big flakes," Kerri Cahoy, an assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, said.
These are very fine particles, not big flakes," said Kerri Cahoy, the Boeing Career Development Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT.
The 41-year-old father-ofthree said: "It lasted for 20 minutes and it came down quite heavily with big flakes.