Big Eight

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A popular term for the 8 most common allergy-inducing foods—peanuts, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, and fish
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The Big Eight white paper pointed to the difficulty of faculty staying abreast of current practice:
merged in 1989 to form our modern organization, we were the smallest of what was then the Big Eight.
Peat Marwick & Main--Main was eventually replaced by Mitchell; PM&M was another Big Eight back then, eventually gobbled up by KPMG and spun off to Bearing Point, which went defunct this year.
I wouldn't disagree with Harden's list of the Big Five, but mine would be slightly bigger, maybe a Big Eight, and would definitely include Opus in Cornwall Street.
After watching teammate Emily Seidel throw a no-hitter in the first game of the day, Jenna Martin threw one of her own for the Village Christian of Sun Valley softball team Saturday in the Desert Diamond Classic at the Big Eight Complex in Lancaster.
I hit something in between a big eight and a little 7-iron.
I'd say it is a big eight or nine now, not a big four, because of the spending power other clubs have.
The spending power some of that big eight have got might get them closer to the top teams in the coming seasons.
She began her career with one of the big eight accounting firms and was controller for seven years with Dreyfus Ashby, Inc.
We have implemented big eight nutrition information across all of our products and are also displaying GDAs for calories, fat and salt equivalent.
MIKE GOTTFRIED, former Kansas coach and current ESPN college football analyst, on learning that the odds against the Jayhawks winning the Big Eight title are 100 to 1: "Who's the one guy who thinks we can do it?
take a look at our extensive review of the last 10 years in numbers for the region's big eight economies.