Big Eight

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A popular term for the 8 most common allergy-inducing foods—peanuts, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, and fish
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The big eight was in the sagebrush, and with nothing to lose I slipped through a coulee to get as close to him as I could.
When the upper tier of the accounting world was populated by the Big Eight, competition was more plentiful and offered wider options for those seeking new auditors.
The Big Eight are meeting in the USA, but no one expects a solution to Europe's economic woes and the USA is still in trouble.
PHIL BROWN is backing Neil Mellor to carry on scoring as Preston kick-off a big eight days by travelling to Walsall tomorrow.
While waiting on bar exam results, I worked for several months at a Big Eight firm and took the CPA exam.
TVS has produced and distributed television shows since 1961 and is best known for its long running college basketball coverage, including the NCAA Basketball Tournament Championships as well as coverage from major conferences such as the ACC Basketball, SEC Basketball, Big Ten Basketball, Big Eight basketball, Pac Ten basketball, and Big East basketball programs.
The thinking behind the new system--which won the backing of Russian prime minister and former president, Vladimir Putin--was that independent producers would pitch projects to the "big eight" companies and production decisions would be made by professionals, not bureaucrats.
merged in 1989 to form our modern organization, we were the smallest of what was then the Big Eight. Over the years, our goal was never to be the largest--we have always aimed to be the best, to be the standard of excellence," said DTTL Global CEO Jim Quigley.
When the "Big Eight" accounting firms started imploding and merging, Andersen Consulting left Arthur Andersen and became Accenture.
* Peat Marwick & Main--Main was eventually replaced by Mitchell; PM&M was another Big Eight back then, eventually gobbled up by KPMG and spun off to Bearing Point, which went defunct this year.
I wouldn't disagree with Harden's list of the Big Five, but mine would be slightly bigger, maybe a Big Eight, and would definitely include Opus in Cornwall Street.