Big Brain

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A neurogenic Drosophila gene of the major intrinsic protein family, which has cell adhesive functions that may be important for Drosophila neurogenesis. It is essential for proper differentiation of ectoderm; it acts synergistically with neurogenic locus proteins Notch and Delta during the separation of neural and epidermal cell lineages in response to the lateral inhibition signal; it has voltage-insensitive monovalent cation channel. Ion transport in big brain is blocked by divalent cations
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Brain Challenge Another game featuring "brain exercise puzzles", Brain Challenge is also structured like Big Brain Academy in that puzzles are divided into four separate categories - logic, maths, visual and focus.
Well, combine your physical development with some mental agility in Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (pictured).
Find out how much your brain weighs at the Big Brain Academy--where having a thick head is a good thing!
He also hosts a new Channel 4 live show on Monday nights called Big Brother's Big Brain, in which psychologists dissect the housemates' behaviour.
Ted Levine Big Brain Desmond Askew </pre> <p>With: Ezra Buzzington, Michael Bailey Smith, Laura Oritz.
Allen Hobson has written and co-written many books on the subject, is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and is obviously a big brain on the subject I can imagine that it would be easy for him to get all technical, but he doesn't.
But fortune smiles on the boy with a big brain and heart, and even a kid in a plum tuxedo occasionally rides home with the princess.
On the one hand, the observation is so obvious that the only real reaction one can make is to mutter ruefully over how a certified big brain like Posner can turn any p banal opinion into a book deal.
Fish contains high levels of docosahexaenoic acid, a fatty acid linked to enhanced brain and eye development--a fact that prompted this comment by a University of Toronto nutritionist: "You don't need a big brain to collect mussels and clams, but living on them gives you the excess energy and nutrients that can be directed toward brain growth." Hint: Put your money in fish futures.
Chief Executive Usama Fayyad is a big brain in the field who edits an industry journal and a newsletter.
If we assume that imitation is difficult and requires a big brain, then the following argument applies.
How was a big brain supposed to fit through that small pelvis?