Alfred von, Polish physician, 1839-1888. See: Biesiadecki fossa.
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"While we are always aware of the fragile financial state of nonprofit service providers, it is refreshing to see our local agencies expanding their programs to find new ways to serve the community's need," said Kathy Biesiadecki, Mental Health board chairwoman.
We would like to thank Carrie Morjan and Brandon Biesiadecki for assistance in the field and laboratory.
Biesiadecki et al., "Attitude and position estimation on the Mars Exploration Rovers," in Proceedings of the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society, Proceedings--2005 International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp.
Biesiadecki et al., "Advanced glycation end product cross-link breaker attenuates diabetes-induced cardiac dysfunction by improving sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium handling," Frontiers in Physiology, vol.
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Syringoma, first described by Biesiadecki and Kaposi, is a benign appendageal tumour of intraepidermal eccrine sweat duct.1 The disease manifests as multiple, flesh-coloured 1-5 mm papules around the eyelids and upper cheeks of adolescent females.
"Four new agencies are receiving for the first time, said Kathy Biesiadecki, Mental Health Board chairman.
WORCESTER Yvette (Naugler) Biesiadecki, 79, of Worcester and formerly of Shrewsbury, died Friday in her home after an illness.
The rovers also consist of a microscopic imager, an alpha particle X-ray spectrometer, and a Mossbauer spectrometer (Biesiadecki, Leger, and Maimone 2005).
"The unexpected transition of the day shelter program to PADS was challenging for many, especially during the holidays," said Kathy Biesiadecki, Mental Health board chairwoman.