Biedert's cream mixture

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Biedert’s cream mixture

An obsolete name for a food preparation for infants consisting of cream and lactose in water.
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Biedert and Warnke, [22] who also measured the position of the patella with computed tomography in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome, failed to show a significant relationship between the Q-angle and patellar positioning within the femoral trochlea.
The infrapatellar fat pad is also described as being highly innervated (Biedert and Sanchis-Alfonso 2002; Saddick et al, 2004; Wojtys et al, 1990).
Biedert RM and Sanchis-Alfonso V (2002): Sources of anterior knee pain.
With temperatures for the 5pm kick-off likely to be close to 90 degrees, team doctor Roland Biedert has ordered a batch of elastic support stockings for the players, most usually worn by pregnant women.
The stocking acts like a muscle pump," said Dr Biedert.
But after expert surgery from top Swiss specialist Roland Biedert, Edwards quickly threw away his crutches and began light training again in November.
Gunnell was rushed to top Swiss sports doc Roland Biedert who gave her a herbal injection and ordered her to rest for a week.
And the British women's team captain - who missed last season after surgery by Biedert on her right heel - beamed: "This time it's great news because there is nothing major to worry about.
It will be performed by Roland Biedert who resurrected the careers of Roger Black and Sally Gunnell.