Bickerdyke, Mary Ann

(1817-1901), an American nurse who, after taking a short course in homeopathy, cared for the sick and wounded on battlefields during the U.S. Civil War. She insisted on cleanliness, good food, and the best of medical care for her patients. At night she searched the battlefield with a lantern for survivors.
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Josh McAspurn won the Bickerdyke Cup at Marsden |Golf Club.
David Jones (2) and Mike Allison were the winners' other marksmen with Dave Sweet, Graham Bickerdyke, Joe Cure and Craig Walsgrove on target for Mill.
Guisborough Cons and Lune Street drew 3-3, with Ron Bickerdyke making breaks of 56 and 51 at billiards, and Steve Binns a 54 at snooker, and the tie between Carlin How and Redcar Lakes B also ended in a 3-3 draw.
Witness Paul Bickerdyke, who took the picture, said: "It was a pretty close call.
Bach, Stephanie Bellew, Ashley Bickerdyke, Melissa Folsom, Bryan French, Jennifer Hamilton, Kenneth Harms, Ross Kelsey, Jasmin Lewis, Pamela Medina, Carla Palermo, Sara Rogers.
A favorite is Mary Ann Bickerdyke (July 19, 1817-November 8, 1901).
9) In the field of commemorative military sculpture, for example, in 1906 Theodora Alice Ruggles Kitson (1871-1932) had produced the successful Spanish American War Memorial (The Hiker) and the Mother Bickerdyke Memorial commemorating a Civil War nurse.
Grant reportedly once said, "My God, man, Mother Bickerdyke outranks everybody, even Lincoln.
Bickerdyke, Lattimore and Madge (2001) put the figure at around $60 million based on an average entitlement loss of $7,200; they do claim, however, that business failure is very cyclical, with (for example) close to 60 thousand job losses attributed to business failure in 1991-92 (p.
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ARIZONA -- Marie Bickerdyke, Gabriele Bland, Joe Cappadona, Arlene Golden, Wendy Hillman, Paul Nosie Jr.
Derrick Jackson Home Real Estate and Associates Philadelphia PHOENIX David Jarnagin Jarnagin Appraisal Phoenix Howard Bickerdyke ERA Artizan Phoenix Karen Despines Home Appraisals Phoenix Cathy Manske Coldwell Banker Success Scottsdale, Ariz.