Gustav, 19th-century German physician. See: Bickel ring.
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And from EELA's perspective, high fuel costs offer a market opportunity: Artisanal producers will pay to upgrade their manufacturing processes and improve the quality of their products, Bickel says, if doing so saves them money over time.
"Investors seeking high yields are being forced to look beyond conventional investments until the economy gains steam and drives up inflation," said Rob Bickel, managing director with Jones Lang LaSalle.
As Asia has moved into commodity textiles, European companies must go into the technical textiles in order to be competitive in this world market, said Manfred Bickel, Head of the Organisation's Technology and Research Departments.
Stetson Law professors Robert Bickel and Judith Scully will oversee the concentration program.
Actually the Rhaphiinae were sometimes regarded as close to the Diaphorinae (Robinson 1970; Bickel 1999), and the "Argyra group of genera" (Negrobov 1986) is remarkable in having disputable position between both subfamilies.
The typical finding is that the longer the delay to the delivery of the outcome, the lower the subjective value the individual places on that outcome at the given moment (see Madden & Bickel, 2010, for discussion on the measurement, analysis, and scope of delay discounting).
Scott Bickel, PT, PhD; Department of Physical Therapy, University of Alabama at Birmingham, SHPB 387, 1530 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35294; 205-934-5904; fax: 205-975-7787.
The rare find was made accidentally by a team from Switzerland's Basel University headed by Elena Pauline-Grothe and Susanne Bickel in Karnak, near Luxor in Upper Egypt, the minister told the media in Cairo.
Summary: Une mission de fouilles archeologiques de l'Universite suisse de Bale, dirigees par Dr Suzanne Bickel et Elena Groth, ont recemment decouvert dans la region d'El-Karnak le tombeau d'une dame, [beaucoup moins que]Ny Pastet[beaucoup plus grand que], fille du sacrificateur Amon Ra, a revele, hier dimanche, Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, le ministre des Antiquites.
(49) By September of 1952, Frankfurter had passed the assignment to McKusick's successor, Alexander Bickel. Bickel spent untold hours reading the Congressional Globe and other primary sources, as well as exploring the secondary material.
Bickel, professor in the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, director of the Advanced Recovery Research Center, and professor of psychology in the College of Science at Virginia Tech, said "preference was almost exclusively for the money now".
Bickel - Emma-Lea and Jason Bickel, of Springfield, a daughter.