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Marie F.X., French anatomist, physician, and biologist, 1771-1802. See: Bichat canal, Bichat fat-pad, Bichat fissure, Bichat fossa, Bichat ligament, Bichat membrane, Bichat protuberance, Bichat tunic.
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Estos textos que poseen un ICI(c) mayor a 1.0 corresponden a los textos de gran extension o tratados (Bichat et al; de Bonells & Lacaba; Winslow).
Author affiliations: Hopital Bichat Claude Bernard, Paris, France (A.
All oral defects (except 6) were successfully resolved with Bichat's fat pad technique, yielding a success rate of 88%.
Whether complying with Bichat's doctrine of vital properties or supporting an antithetical position, the overall direction of medical, biological and veterinary sciences was towards the full consolidation of vivisection as the chief method of research.
Horner indicated, The masterly and brilliant idea of Bichat of the elementary tissues of the body" (4) (pxvii) came to resolve an existing confusion introduced by Morgagni in Seats and Causes of Disease.
And in the chapters on Bichat (chapter 4), Davy (chapter 5), and Galois (chapter 6) that follow, Chai traces out analogous distinctions between degrees of reflexivity, ranging from Bichat's attempt to develop a new theory of vitality, to Galois' more ambitious field theory; Galois theory could be extended to include new members in a group that are not yet known--a group defined by a "principle of containment" rather than an account of its elements (147).
Toda la jerarquia introducida por Bichat desde la celula al tejido y luego al organo supone que los constituyentes de la materia viva son los mismos que se encuentran en todo el universo, pero la Vida es una forma especial de ordenamiento con propia legitimidad; por ende, debe estudiarse con arreglo a una metodica que tome en cuenta las complejidades ascendentes de sus diversos constituyentes.