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Marie F.X., French anatomist, physician, and biologist, 1771-1802. See: Bichat canal, Bichat fat-pad, Bichat fissure, Bichat fossa, Bichat ligament, Bichat membrane, Bichat protuberance, Bichat tunic.
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Segun los reportes oficiales, a altas horas de la noche del viernes 14 personas habian fallecido en el ataque de la calle Bichat y otras 10 se encontraban heridas, en "emergencia absoluta".
Bichat murio repentinamente a los 31 anos de tifus o de meningitis tuberculosa cerebral.
He criticized Bichat in the journal of the Societe Medicale d'Emulation, but nonetheless adopted his routine of deliberately injuring the experimental subject for his research on the nervous and digestive systems.
Egyedi (1977) fue el primero en utilizar la bola adiposa de Bichat.
Horner indicated, The masterly and brilliant idea of Bichat of the elementary tissues of the body" (4) (pxvii) came to resolve an existing confusion introduced by Morgagni in Seats and Causes of Disease.
3 En este articulo informamos el caso de un nino de cinco anos con herniacion no traumatica de bola adiposa de Bichat, hallazgo no descrito hasta la fecha.
En relacion con el nacimiento de la patologia con Bichat, refiere Focault:
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The man was then lowered to the ground to receive treatment on a nasty leg injury before being taken to the nearby Bichat hospital.
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Scientists ranging from the proto-Idealist John Hunter (influential on Coleridge and his scientific circle), to the materialist Xavier Bichat struggled with the mystery of what constituted life, and often concluded that it existed at a level well below organic form.
of Hopital Bichat, Paris, who was among the first to test whether autologous cell therapy (a treatment that utilizes a patient's own cells) could be used to stop or reverse the damage done to the heart muscle by a heart attack.