bibliographic database

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a collection of data or information. In online information retrieval, a collection of index records in machine readable form.
bibliographic database a database containing bibliographic records.
full text database a database containing the complete text of a source document such as a legal decision, news story, journal article, or other primary source.

bibliographic database

An indexed computerised database or printed source of citations of journal articles and other reports in the literature.
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Contract award notice: Subscriptions via the internet in bibliographic databases in electronic form for the libraries of the university of athens and the strengthening of the research and scientific work of the members of the university community.
The author has organized the main body of her text in fourteen chapters devoted to database structure, records, fields, and indexes, the searcherAEs toolkit, social science databases, databases for science and medicine, bibliographic databases, humanities databases, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Electronic information systems, such as the online bibliographic databases available through the National Library of Medicine and other components of the National Institutes of Health, are useful resources for public health professionals to find relevant data and information for public health practice.
Elsevier Bibliographic Databases has introduced the beta version of EMCare, a new bibliographic database drawn from more than 2,700 international source titles, including close to 2 million records from the nursing, allied health, and biomedical literature.
Most information published in African journals never leaves its home borders because these journals are largely not included in major bibliographic databases like the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) MEDLINE.
It is now fully integrated with Journals@Ovid and bibliographic databases, which gives users access to search the entire Ovid content repository and access to a wide range of tools, such as ask-a-librarian and personal accounts, as well as links to full-text journals, bibliographic records and external Web resources.
Serving the library community, Syndetic offers products that improve precision in the retrieval of information contained within large bibliographic databases, consolidates and standardizes data formats, creates additional data and acts as a centralized collection and distribution center for descriptive information about books and media currently in print.
QuikBib takes search results from bibliographic databases and formats the citation information into bibliographies.
EndNote comes into its own for searching online bibliographic databases, such as Medline or university catalogs.
Today bibliographic databases are big business--as OCLC First-Search and Web of Science prove--and most, if not all, are migrating to the Web.
Journals@Ovid, Ovid's full-text database of 500 journals, features more than 11 million links to and from citations in Ovid's bibliographic databases and other full-text articles.
Through its network of library, archive and publishing alliances, the company offers full-service document delivery, access to free bibliographic databases on the Web and tools to simplify the process of identifying, retrieving and paying for published literature.

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