bibliographic database

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a collection of data or information. In online information retrieval, a collection of index records in machine readable form.
bibliographic database a database containing bibliographic records.
full text database a database containing the complete text of a source document such as a legal decision, news story, journal article, or other primary source.
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bibliographic database

An indexed computerised database or printed source of citations of journal articles and other reports in the literature.
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The database construction of literature information resources is an important basic work of library automatic system, a large number of Literature Library to readers use must establish a standard bibliographic database. Only by establishing the corresponding database the library can realize the automation of the work, to help communication network and database resources by using computer to realize resource sharing.
These bibliographic records should also be translated into English and added to the compiled bibliographic database.
Among all respondents, only 10% (n=7) reported having had any training in using an online bibliographic database. Over two-thirds of respondents (69%, n=48) indicated they were interested in such training, 10% (n=7) were not interested in training, and 21% (n=15) were not sure if they were interested in training.
The BioOne bibliographic database will be available on CSA's Internet Database Service.
* to investigate, plan, and implement the replacement and upgrading of the existing bibliographic database network infrastructure to provide for local and remote access via the Internet to the bibliographic commercial databases held by the library for all client groups;
TOXMAP also draws data from Data Bank and TOXLINE bibliographic database.
The second section describes the following major functions of national bibliographies: (1) national bibliographies are set out in legal deposit law; (2) the national bibliography as memory; (3) the national bibliography as information on current publishing; (4) the national bibliography as bibliographic database; and (5) the national bibliography as saleable product.
The Circumpolar Health Bibliographic Database now describes 4300 publications.
Containing more than 50 million records, the WorldCat bibliographic database connects librarians, students, researchers, and other library users to 4,000 years of recorded knowledge.
* Funding for the Circumpolar Health Bibliographic Database has been increased by 50% for fiscal year 2008-09.

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