Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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Nonetheless, Lawrence would label such attacks bias crimes, because they "attack women as a means of enforcing a particular social hierarchy.
Bias crimes are distinguished from "parallel crimes" (similar crimes lacking bias motivation) by the bias motivation of the perpetrator.
Violent gang crimes are actually down from highs 10 years ago, overall crime in Los Angeles has dropped for five straight years and even bias crimes are below mid-'90s and post-9/11 peaks.
Training focuses on proper terminology, gay culture, dynamics of same-gender relationships and domestic violence, hate and bias crime investigations, and HIV transmission prevention education.
See Frederick Lawrence, "Resolving the Hate Crime/Hate Speech Paradox: Punishing Bias Crimes and Protecting Racist Speech," Notre Dame Law Review 68 (1993): 673-721.
Their concern is that hate or bias crime is a new category that not only mobilizes new prejudice and the emotions associated with it but "exacerbate[s] rather than ameliorate[s] social schisms and conflicts.
Finally, while bias crimes and hate crimes are typically lumped
Several academic authorities on hate crimes in America identified three types of bias crime offenders: the thrill seeker, the reactive offender, and the hard-core offender.
Given the extremely low reported incidence of bias crimes, one must wonder why the legislators found it imperative to enact special legislation to address an almost nonexistent problem.
Defendants claim, "The statutes unconstitutionally benefit minorities because minorities are more likely to be victims of bias crimes, or that the statutes unconstitutionally burden majority members because majority members are more likely to be prosecuted" (ADL, 1999).
Second, both the federal and state efforts to collect data on bias crimes directed at people with disabilities have lagged behind efforts to collect data on the other types of bias crimes.