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Giovanni B., Italian anatomist, 1681-1761. See: Bianchi nodule.
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En 1972 publico Jose Bianco su tercera y ultima novela, La perdida del reino.
The first time Angelo Bianco took to the ice in a sled was in summer 1996.
The big fashion advertisers need glossy, and they need huge circulations," said Q Syndicate Publisher David Bianco.
Since it's only the bristles that actually wear out, Monte Bianco toothbrushes come with disposable heads.
But late last month, fisherman Mr Jean-Claude Bianco found the author's silver chain bracelet in near-perfect condition off the coast of Marseille while looking for sole and mullet in a rocky inlet near the Planier lighthouse.
Como personaje literario musa inspiradora, Elena Garro se reconocia en dos poemas de Octavio Paz, una novela de Adolfo Bioy Casares y otra de Jose Bianco, pero no --como se insistio en su momento-- en el relato "Las dos Elenas", de Carlos Fuentes.
El caso de Norberto Bianco y su mujer, la profesora Nilda Susana Werhli, que inscribieron a dos recien nacidos como hijos propios y los llamaron Carolina y Pablo, es un ejemplo de esa libertad.
Linda (Sieglinde) Zamponi, dancer and critic, December 5, 1993; Gladysruth Gudgel Hanme, 86, ballet dancer and teacher, March 2, 1994; Lorenzo Bianco Schlick (Larry Bianco), 61, Broadway dancer, March 16, 1994; Malcolm Anthony (Toney) Pennewell, Oakland, California, dancer, teacher, and choreographer, March 23, 1994; Sylvester Dolinar, 43, Portland, Oregon, dancer, teacher, and choreographer, April 8, 1994; Christopher Hawks, Philadelphia dancer and performance artist, April 15, 1994; Peter Reed, 40, dancer and filmmaker, May 1, 1994; June Runyon, 88, Oklahoma dance teacher, May 15, 1994.
The Governments record investment infrastructure and policies for using local businesses in major projects has driven a jobs boom at South Australian company Bianco Precast.
Gaia Giuliani and Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Bianco e nero: Storia deiiidentrta razziale degli italiani, Le Monnier: Florence, 2013; 206 pp.
The white-washed |interior of the Ercol Bianco range