Bianchi, Giovanni


Giovanni, Italian anatomist, 1681-1761.
Bianchi nodule - a nodule at the center of the free border of each semilunar valve at the beginning of the pulmonary artery and aorta. Synonym(s): nodule of semilunar valve
Bianchi valve - a fold of mucous membrane guarding the lower opening of the nasolacrimal duct. Synonym(s): lacrimal fold
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The most consistent part of the archive--as often in Northern Italy--is represented by late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music: obviously the music composed by musicians active in the Cathedral, such as Gerolamo Gazzaniga (in service as master and organist between 1727 and 1734), and especially Giovanni Maria Bianchi, Giovanni Sampietro, Raimondo Mei, but also the evidence of the use of polychoral Masses copied from the printing of the Bolognese school (i.e., Maurizio Cazzati, Giovanni Paolo Colonna, Angelo Antonio Caroli), that witness performing practices like the doppio coro--somewhat confirmed by the presence of the manuscript masses for eight voices by Ambrogio Bissone, a composer from Vercelli.
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