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A tool found in Stone Age archeologic ‘digs’ in China which may correspond to early acupuncture needles
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Bian said he was held captive by at least six Chinese men, including Xu, when he failed to pay his debt, which carries a PHP500,000 interest.
"I read about the Egyptian civilisation and would like to see it firsthand during the upcoming period," Bian said, explaining that Egypt is a safe country.
(22) These family registers, largely compiled on imperial orders, (23) may have been instrumental in creating the genealogy Li Bian was looking for.
As an independent not-for-profit organisation, BIAN has pinpointed a total of 280 unique Business Capabilities (called Service Domains) to date.
The average polymorphism information content (0.5168) and the average expected heterozygote frequency (0.5750) of Bian chicken were the highest, and those of Jinghai chicken were 0.4915 and 0.5505, respectively, which were the lowest.
Jiang Bian has been named vice president of operations of Shanda Online.
The film, produced by Kari Karim Bian, has been described as a modern day "Romeo and Juliet" and tells the story of a young love forbidden by ageold tensions between Israeli-Jews and Arab-Muslims in Jerusalem.
Bian Geng Feng, 31, was trapped under a crumpled six-storey building.
The lawyer who contested as an independent, Kuching-based Baru Bian, was regarded to have received considerable support from the Lun Bawang community.