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An ecodisaster that occurred in India in late 1984, caused by methyl isothiocyanate (MIC) used to produce carbaril pesticides
Acute toxicity Respiratory distress due to cyanide toxicity—dyspnea, cough, throat irritation, chest pain, haemoptysis
Chronic toxicity Interstitial pulmonary fibrosis
Ophthalmology Burning, oedema, erythema, tearing, pain, photophobia, corneal ulceration
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Shahjehan Begum was known for commencing the construction of the Taj-ul-Masjid mosque in Bhopal and for other public work projects such as subsidising the cost of a railway to be constructed between Hoshangabad and Bhopal.
CREDAI Bhopal offers best deals, genuine real estate developers, easy searching of duplexes properties in developed and developing locations in Bhopal and at best possible prices.
They were in attendance for the senior officials of the Bhopal jail.
Twenty years after the incident, the people of Bhopal were still feeling the effects.
Mumtaz says, "Citizens of Bhopal are really thankful to the team work of Storm Fashion Company, image stylist and choreographer - Lovell Prabhu, and gorgeous models - who made it possible to bring Fashion Show of this stature, to City of Lakes - Bhopal.
Four years later, in November 2009, the MP government submitted another proposal to the central government to construct a Bhopal memorial with an estimated expenditure of $19 million (Rs.
The visit is being organised by Eurig Scandrett, a lecturer in sociology at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and a supporter of the Bhopal Medical Appeal.
S/B 1(HINDI): Padmakar Tripathy, District Malaria officer Bhopal
Sandeep Acharya, Winner, Indian Idol 2 uttered, "The audience of Bhopal is marvelous.
Municipal Corporation, Bhopal is providing pure drinking water to gas affected localities of Bhopal.
The court was hearing the curative petition by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which was filed following the public outcry after a Bhopal court sentenced all the seven accused to two year imprisonment in June this year.
Like the victims at Bhopal, all had significant lung, upper respiratory, and eye problems; more than half had headaches and heart problems; half had skin problems, some persistent; and one patient died soon after I examined him.