Bezold, Friedrich

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Bezold, Friedrich

(bē′zold″, bāt′solt″)
Ger. otologist, 1842–1908.

Bezold mastoiditis

Abscess underneath insertion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle due to pus breaking through the mastoid tip.

Bezold perforation

A perforation on the inner surface of the mastoid bone.
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Friedrich, German otologist, 1842-1908.
Bezold abscess - an abscess deep in the neck's parapharyngeal space associated with suppuration in the mastoid tip cells.
Bezold mastoiditis - mastoiditis with perforation medially into the digastric groove, forming a deep neck abscess.
Bezold sign - inflammatory edema at the tip of the mastoid process in mastoiditis. Synonym(s): Bezold symptom
Bezold symptom - Synonym(s): Bezold sign
Bezold triad - diminished perception of the deeper tones, retarded bone conduction, and negative Rinne test, pointing, in the absence of objective signs, to otosclerosis.
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