meningococcal group B vaccine

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meningococcal group B vaccine

(me-nin-go-kok-al groop B vax-seen),


(trade name),


(trade name)


Therapeutic: vaccines immunizing agents
Pharmacologic: antigens
Pregnancy Category: B


Bexsero—Provides active immunization against invasive meningococcal disease caused by 3 strains of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B (strains prevalent in the US). Tremenba—Provides active immunization against invasive meningococcal disease caused by 4 strains of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B (strains prevalent in the US).


Induces production of antibodies to several strains of serogroup B Neisseria meningitidis.

Therapeutic effects

Prevention of invasive meningococcal disease.


Absorption: Well absorbed following IM administration.
Distribution: Unknown.
Metabolism and Excretion: Unknown.
Half-life: Unknown.

Time/action profile (antibody response)

IMwithin 2 mounknownunknown


Contraindicated in: Severe allergic reaction to a previous dose; Latex allergy (Bexsero tip caps contain latex).
Use Cautiously in: Geriatric: Safe and effective use in patients >65 yr has not been established; Lactation: Use cautiously if breastfeeding; Obstetric: Use during pregnancy only if clearly needed; Pediatric: Safe and effective use in children <10 yr not established (>90% risk of fever in infants <12 mo).

Adverse Reactions/Side Effects

Central nervous system

  • fatigue (most frequent)
  • headache (most frequent)


  • nausea (most frequent)
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting


  • injection site reactions (most frequent)


  • arthralgia (most frequent)
  • mylagia (most frequent)


  • allergic reactions including anaphylaxis
  • chills (most frequent)
  • fever
  • syncope


Drug-Drug interaction

Concurrent use of immunosuppressives may ↓ the desired immune response.



Intramuscular (Adults and Children 10–25 yr) Two 0.5 ml doses one mo apart.


Intramuscular (Adults and Children 10–25 yr) 0.5 ml followed by a second dose 2 mo later and a third dose 4 mo after the second dose.


Suspension for IM injection (Bexsero tip caps contain latex): 0.5 ml in pre-filled syringes

Nursing implications

Nursing assessment

  • Monitor for signs and symptoms of allergic reaction (dyspnea, rash, hives, swelling of face, lips, or throat). Keep epinephrine, an antihistamine, and resuscitation equipment close by in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Assess for latex allergy. Bexsero tip cap contains latex.
  • Assess for syncope. Make patient is sitting or lying down during and immediately following injections.

Potential Nursing Diagnoses

Risk for infection (Indications)


  • Intramuscular: Shake syringe vigorously for a homogenous white suspension; do not use if solution has separated, discolored, or contains particulate matter. Administer 0.5 mL IM into deltoid muscle of upper arm. Do not mix with other vaccines in same syringe.

Patient/Family Teaching

  • Explain purpose of vaccine to patient/parent. Emphasize need for 2 doses of immunization series for Bexseroor 3 doses for Tremenba.
  • Advise female patient to notify health care professional if pregnancy is planned or suspected or if breastfeeding.

Evaluation/Desired Outcomes

  • Prevention of invasive meningococcal disease including meningitis.
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e Government has announced that revolutionary Bexsero will be in the childhood immunisation schedule if it can secure a price to make it cost-eective for the NHS.
The notable pipeline vaccines against meningococcal disease include Bexsero by Novartis, MnB rLP2806 by Pfizer and NmVac4-DT by JN International Medical Corporation.
There is no licensed MenB vaccine in the United States, but the Princeton isolates expressed two of the four antigens (fl-{BP and NHBA) in sufficient quantities to suggest protection with Bexsero, a recombinant MenB vaccine (Novartis) recently licensed in Europe, Australia, and Canada, Dr.
PS20 IT is scandalous that Bexsero, a new vaccine for meningitis B, has become available in the UK but won't be given to children on the grounds that it isn't cost effective.
MENINGITIS UK is calling for Bexsero, a vaccine that protects children against meningitis B, to be offered free on the NHS.
Novartis would finish its ongoing studies to confirm the effectiveness of Bexsero against diverse serogroup B strains as part of the accelerated approval process.
Bexsero was recommended to be made available free to babies and young children in March last year.
The first national, publicly funded campaign in the world against meningitis B will mean a course of vaccine Bexsero is free for infants.
Tests suggest that the new vaccine, called Bexsero, will protect against around 90% of the meningococcal group-B bacteria strains circulating in the UK.
The two vaccines licensed by the Food and Drug Administration are Trumenba (by Pfizer), a three-dose series, and Bexsero (GlaxoSmithKline), a two-dose series; they are indicated for preventing meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B in people aged 10-25 years.
Firstly, we will use functional (bactericidal) monoclonal antibodies to map the most protective epitopes on the 3D structures of two key MenB antigens, fHbp and NadA, which contribute strongly to our recently-approved 1st generation MenB vaccine, Bexsero (O Ryan, 2014).
The UK will become the first country in the world to offer newborn babies the new vaccine Bexsero via the NHS from this autumn.