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Alois J., German cardiologist, 1919-1984. See: Beuren syndrome.
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van Beuren joined Campbell in 1983 and has been successful in a progression of key marketing assignments, including Business Director - Swanson Frozen Foods, Business Director for Ready-to-Serve Soups and his current assignment, Business Director - Red & White Soups.
CONTACT: Diane Van Beuren, 212-593-5887, Erika Freed, 212-715-1538, or Renate Hartman, 813-874-8367, all for Snelling/
Van Beuren said, "What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day, our biggest day of the year, by establishing our flagship boutique in a destination that promises an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.
Fremont is pleased to be associated with accomplished developers Stephen Glascock and Barbara Van Beuren and we are looking forward to completing this project and future projects with Anbau Enterprises.
Coleman, 54, is president of BBC Associates, LLC, which provides consulting services to corporate and philanthropic organizations and manages a portfolio of projects for Van Beuren Management, a private financial entity.
Barbara van Beuren, Managing Partner, ANBAU ENTERPRISES
The firm's principals, Stephen Glascock and Barbara van Beuren, are a unique and unusual team in many ways.
30 Wayzata, MN 55391 (612) 473-9372 (612) 473-8978 (fax) 1,2,4; Spanish materials BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR See: Cooley Anemia BEUREN SYNDROME See: Williams Syndrome BIOTINIDASE DEFICIENCY See: Metabolic Disorders BIRTHMARK See: Nevi, Giant Congenital; Vascular Malformations BLEEDING DISORDERS See: Hemophilia BLEPHAROPHIMOSIS, PTOSIS, EPICANTHUS INVERSUS SYNDROME (BPES) See also: Craniofacial Disorders Blepharophimosis, Ptosis, Epicanthus Inversus Support Group c/o Lynne Schauble SE 820 Meadow Vale Dr.
CONTACT: Erika Freed or Diane Van Beuren both of Snelling and Snelling, Inc.
Barbara Van Beuren and Stephen Glascock of Anbau Enterprises, developers of 110 Central Park South, have a reputation for architecturally superior residential conversions.
CONTACT: Diane Van Beuren, 212-593-5887, or Erika Freed, 212-715-1538, both for Snelling/
Picture l-r:--Kelly Mack, president, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group; Iva Spitzer, executive vice president, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group; Arlene Simon, Landmarks West; Stephen Glascock, Anbau Enterprises and; Barbara Van Beuren Anbau Enterprises.