Betula pubescens

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Betula pubescens,

n See birch.
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In terms of aboveground biomass, equation 2 was the best choice for Pinus pinaster, Pinus radiata, Castanea sativa coppice, Fagus sylvatica and Betula pubescens and explained between 93.
Moreover, two equations for predicting changes in the number of trees per hectare were also established for natural Betula pubescens and Quercus pyrenaica stands ([R.
plant macrofossils KIL-1 Schoenoplectus lacustris Nuphar lutea KIL-2 Schoenoplectus lacustris Najas marina Carex vesicaria KIL-3 Schoenoplectus lacustris, Betula pubescens KIL-3-2 Najas marina KIL-4 Betula alba, Populus tremula KIL-4-2 Najas marina KIL-5 Salix sp.
The forests at the study site are almost pure mountain birch stands, Betula pubescens ssp.
Variation of total phenolic content and individual low-molecular-weight phenolics in foliage of mountain birch trees Betula pubescens ssp.
Effects of localized defoliations on female inflorescences in mountain birch, Betula pubescens ssp.
Three species of birch are common in Fennoscandia: (1) Betula pubescens, which varies from short (1-2 m) trees with many trunks/ramets in the north (subspecies tortuosa), to taller ([greater than]2 m) trees with fewer main trunks/ramets in the south (subspecies pubescens), and occurs in many parts of Europe below the tree line; (2) B.
Variables and loadings for the hybrid index within Betula pubescens.
In this paper, we present results from experiments in which we simulated folivory on individual leaves within shoots of the mountain birch, Betula pubescens subsp.
Bud demography of the mountain birch Betula pubescens ssp.