Betula pendula

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Betula pendula,

n See birch.
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In both 1993 and 1994, height growth and total biomass of Betula pendula increased due to fertilization (Table 2, Figs.
Quercus robur dominated in all stands (90-100% of the relative timber volume), except in the Salenieki stand where in 1927 it was reported as absent; the dominant trees there were Betula pendula and Populus tremula.
The first macroremain find of the real tree-birch Betula pendula from the Solova sediments (559-555 cm) may refer to a short-time climate warming at 13 500 cal yr BP, just before the suggested hiatus.
Recovery of young Betula pendula trees after stem breakage.
Effect of growing site, sampling date, wood location in trunk and drying method on concentration of soluble proanthocyanidins in Betula pendula.
The induced response in Betula pendula leaves has been shown to be strongest early in the season (Edwards et al.
You could try the willow-leafed pear Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula, a weeping birch Betula pendula, or the lovely spring-flowering cherry Prunus Kiku Shidare Sakura.
The most productive tree species have been broadleaved trees such as Alnus glutinosa and Betula pendula, while conifers do not perform well on the semicoke dumps (Kaar, 2003).
Effects of simulated browsing by moose on leaf and shoot biomass of birch, Betula pendula.
Our native silver birch, Betula pendula, is very variable in its habit, often defying its species name and having analmost upright appearance.
We made measurements on 12 trees (3 randomly selected trees from each of 4 half-sib families) for each of the following groups: (1) pure Betula pendula, (2) B.