Betula pendula

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Betula pendula,

n See birch.
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Relative volume was not estimated for tree species with volume < 10, but their presence was recorded Map % Site (description) Species Age volume Audile 1924 (forest) Quercus robur 130 100 Pededze 1934 (forest) Quercus robur 90 90 Fraxinus excelsior 90 10 Salenieki 1927 (forest) Populus tremula 50 50 Betula pendula 50 50 Barkava 1937 (forest) Quercus robur 80 90 Populus tremula 70-90 10 Betula pendula 70-90 < 10* Alnus glutinosa 70-90 < 10* Kinguru 1927 (scattered Quercus robur 80 100 trees) Populus tremula 15 < 10* Betula pendula 15 < 10* Picea abies 15 < 10* Mezotne 1926 (forest) Quercus robur 150 100 Rauda 1929 (scattered Quercus robur 70-80 100 trees) Table 2.
Influence of saw and secateur pruning on stem discolouration, wound cicatrisation and diameter growth of Betula pendula.
Effect of growing site, sampling date, wood location in trunk and drying method on concentration of soluble proanthocyanidins in Betula pendula.
Influence of felling season, drying method and within-tree location on the Brinell hardness and equilibrium moisture content of wood from 27 to 35-year old Betula pendula.
Wood density in two Betula pendula Roth progeny trials.
Evaluation methods of geometric morphometrics morphological variability lamina Betula pendula Roth in ecosystems with varying degrees of anthropogenic transformation // Problems ekologii that receptionists technogenic nature regionu.
For example, 'Betula10 planted' represents the vegetation where 10-year-old planted saplings of Betula pendula are dominant in the tree layer, whereas 'Betula10 natural' is a natural vegetation type where the dominating Betula pendula is 10 years old.
Two different data sets were used in NMS: one included all vegetation types, while the other included only the vegetation types where Betula pendula dominated in the tree layer (Betula chronosequence data).
Effects of simulated summer browsing by moose on leaf and shoot biomass of birch, Betula pendula.
Good-looking medium-sized trees include the birch, Betula pendula - the varieties `Youngii' or if you can find it `Dalecarlica' with beautiful ferny leaves - and weeping hawthorns and hollies.
Perhaps the most popular weeping tree is the white birch, Betula pendula.