Betel Nut Chewing

A habit popular among Javanese, Malaysian, and Indian men; the ‘chew’ is composed of ground betel nut, slaked lime, ground spices including ginger and pepper wrapped in a betel leaf; associated with oral CA, which may be due to the high copper content
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Smoking and betel nut chewing both have been implicated on numerous occasions for being involved in predisposing an individual to developing periodontal disease.
A detailed history was taken in all the selected cases, which included the following :- occupational history, duration of illness, onset of the disease (whether sudden or insidious), progression of the disease associated with itching or burning sensation in the oral cavity, emotional factors if any, habits like tobacco chewing, betel nut chewing and alcoholism, ingestion of any drugs, aggravation of itching on exposure to sunlight, development of new lesions at the site of trauma, associated infections or any systemic illness and any similar illness in the past.
More male current-smokers and past-smokers had a history of drinking alcohol compared with the male nonsmokers, and the male current-smokers exhibited a higher rate of betel nut chewing than did the nonsmokers and past-smokers (Table 1).
She had a history of betel and betel nut chewing with tobacco for a few decades.
2] It should be noted that betel nut chewing with or without tobacco shows the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) when compared with nonusers.
Arecaidinism: betel nut chewing in transcultural perspective.
As the population of Asia and the South Pacific immigrants, head and neck surgeons in North America are likely to see more patients with oral carcinoma induced by betel nut chewing.
The information regarding their age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status and habits, especially betel quid, betel nut chewing, betel quid substitutes like gutka and pan masala, tobacco, naswar chewing, smoking and alcohol was recorded on a proforma.
Covariates such as age, sex, smoking status, and betel nut chewing were compared between followed-up and nonparticipating cases, as well as persistent cases and recovered cases at follow-up, using Fisher's exact test for categorical variables, Welch's t-test for normally distributed variables, and Wilcoxon rank-sum test with continuity correction for non-normally distributed continuous variables.
Betel nut chewing is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
With approval from the Ethics Committee of Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital (Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital IRB:097028) we studied the influence of long-term betel nut chewing (daily for over five years) on difficult intubation in 218 males requiring tracheal intubation for elective surgery.
Though the use of betel nut originated in South East Asia and India, the practice of betel nut chewing has spread with the migration of these populations.