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One of several red plant pigments; a betalain. An example is betanin. Elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[L. beta, beet, + G. kyanos, dark blue substance, + -in]
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The changes in a* values of sausage samples were because Amaranthus pigments contain betalains and anthocyanins, which exhibit red or violet (Cai et al.
Antioxidant activity of betalains from plants of the Amaranthaceae.
The radical scavenging and antioxidant activity of betalain compounds has been shown in several chemical and biological models (Butera et al.
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In a recent study the antiviral and antimicrobial effects of betalain pigments have been reported (Strack et al.
Cacti-Nea is a soluble cactus fruit powder that is naturally rich in betalain pigments and also offers weight management properties.
Cacti-Nea, a cactus fruit soluble powder naturally rich in betalain pigments, helps reduce water retention, detox the body and reinforce antioxidant protection.
Betalain and phenolic compositions of four beetroot (Beta vulgaris) cultivars.