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One of several red plant pigments; a betalain. An example is betanin. Elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[L. beta, beet, + G. kyanos, dark blue substance, + -in]
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White 'pitaya' processing to extract the pulp generates a large quantity of residues, such as peels, which can be used for the extraction of betalains (betacyanins and betaxanthins) (Liaotrakoon et al., 2013; Mello et al., 2015).
sessilis grown under different combinations of growth regulators and light qualities, aiming at evaluating whether these factors can increase betalain and flavonoid production.
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However, this residue can be used as raw material for the extraction of pigments, due to the presence of betalains which present attractive and stable color (LI-CHEN et al., 2006).
Acute supplementation with betalain, an antioxidant in beetroot, improved 5-km running performance by 1.4% and reduced muscle-damage markers, soreness and fatigue in a double-blind crossover with 15 recreational runners [2871].
Betalain extraction from Hylocereus ployrhizus for food coloring purposes.
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Cacti-Nea offers anti-water properties for a slimmer body and antioxidant protection thanks to its high content of indicaxanthin, the most bioavailable betalain pigment.