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One of a class of indole alkaloids structurally similar to the amino acid L-tryptophan, when ingested, maycause hallucinations.
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When antidepressants (which also include a group of betacarbolines) are used in the treatment of depression and Parkinson's disease, a suppression of the enzyme activity of monoaminooxidase--a flavoenzyme which catalyzes the oxidative desamination of certain important biogenic amines--is observed [86].
Abbreviations BACs: Biologically active aromatic compounds DOX: Doxorubicin DAU: Daunomycin NOR: Norfloxacin AMD: Actinomycin RBF: Riboflavin FMN: Flavin-mononucleotide FAD: Flavin-adenine dinucleotide NOV: Mitoxantrone CAF: Caffeine BP: Benzopyrene MAO: Monoaminooxidase BC: Betacarbolines AMSA: Amsacrine TPT: Topotecan.