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cho·ri·on·ic go·nad·o·tro·pin (CG),

a glycoprotein with a carbohydrate fraction composed of d-galactose and hexosamine, extracted from the urine of pregnant women and produced by the placental trophoblastic cells; its most important role appears to be stimulation, during the first trimester, of ovarian secretion of the estrogen and progesterone required for the integrity of conceptus; it appears to play no significant role in the last two trimesters of pregnancy, as the estrogen and progesterone are then formed by the placenta. CG has luteinizing hormone activity and exerts its actions through luteinizing hormone receptors.
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Beta-HCG (Beta-human chorionic gonadotropin)

A tumor marker associated with testicular cancer and tumors, such as choriocarcinoma and molar pregnancies, that begin in placental cells called trophoblasts.
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A thick endometrial stripe with a beta-hCG level below 1,000 mIU/mL predicts an increased risk for ectopic pregnancy.
The laboratory results were as follows: Hemoglobin 11/2 mg/dl (11-14), hematocrite 34/1 (34-38), and beta-hCG 67 mIU/ml.
Consequently, vaginal bleeding stopped, beta-HCG dropped to 16,086 mIU/mL, and her vital signs remained within normal limits.
The serum and CSF levels of beta-hCG were 215IU/L and 447 IU/L, respectively; the serum and CSF levels of AFP were within normal range.
Another statistical measure, the area under the receiver operating curve (AUC), helps estimate the likelihood of EP according to beta-HCG levels.
Patients who satisfied the selection criteria were treated with single dose of IM methotrexate, followed with regular measurement of beta-hCG on day 1, 4, 7.
Immunohistochemical studies performed on the core biopsy demonstrated positive staining of the malignant cells for PLAP and beta-hCG. The malignant cells were negative for AFP, CD30, OCT 3/4, glypican-3, and CD-117 which supports the diagnosis of a poorly differentiated lung carcinoma with choriocarcinomatous differentiation.
It has been suggested that these cysts arise from an abnormal response of atretic follicles in the ovaries to circulating Beta-hCG, which may or may not be high.
The neoplastic cells were positive for pan-cytokeratin (CK) and CK7 and showed focally immunoreactivity for beta-hCG [Figure 5] and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her-2) [Figure 6].
Deve ser oferecido como primeira linha no tratamento de pacientes capazes de aderir ao seguimento e que preencham todos os seguintes criterios: ausencia de dor significativa, gestacao integra, massa anexial menor que 35 mm, ausencia de batimentos cardioembrionarios, beta-hCG menor que 1.500 UI/l, titulos de beta-hCG em ascensao 48 horas antes do inicio do tratamento.

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